LCSO issues safety measures ahead of Tuesday’s supervisors meeting


LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (PRESS RELEASE)- The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office is expecting an unusually high turnout to attend the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow (June 30th).  Safety and security is our top priority for all who attend, so the following safety measures will be implemented:

  1. Temperature checks and a COVID-19 screening form (see attached) will be conducted at the front (for public) and back (for employees) entrance to the courthouse.
  2. Masks will be given to the public who enter the courthouse.  (Mandatory use will not be required but recommended by CDC guidelines)
  3. Due to COVID-19 recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the capacity of meetings and gatherings indoor should be 50% of maximum capacity.  The Board Meeting Room has a maximum capacity of 54 people, therefore, only 27 people will be allowed to attend the meeting inside the Board Room.  Essential personnel will be first priority, one seat per local media outlet will be second priority, and the remaining seats will be filled by members of the public on a first-come basis.
  4. Overflow seating for the public will be available in the upstairs courtroom (behind the bar) at a 50% capacity rate where the meeting will be displayed on a television screen.
  5. Once the Board Room and upstairs public seating area is full, admittance will not be allowed into the courthouse unless an individual is doing business with the Chancery Clerk’s Office.
  6. The Board Meeting will be live-streamed on Facebook Live at the Lowndes County Facebook page for anyone unable to attend or enter the courthouse.
  7. Public access to the courthouse will be through the front entrance only.
  8. The north parking lot will be used for county officials, courthouse employees, and emergency personnel only.
  9. The Board of Supervisors meeting starts at 9:00 a.m.