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OAKLAND, Miss. (WCBI)-Have you ever felt alone? Depressed? Just searching for a way out? Well there is one group of volunteers who are reaching out to women with those questions.

What started as a dream has become reality. Leah’s House has been open for almost six months and they have seen so many lives changed.

In the small town of Oakland is Leah’s house… open to women ages 18 and up who are struggling with addictions, alcohol abuse, and even those recently out of jail.

For twenty years, President Michelle Moyers dreamed of having a facility for women who struggled with the same addictions she once did for most of her life.

“When I was twelve years old I started on drugs I was probably on drugs until I was in my early 30s. After I got saved and God delivered me from all the drugs I had a desire to help other women like me,” says Michelle Moyers

She almost gave up.

But a friend opened an account for her organization…and donations helped her turn that dream into a reality. Since then, Michelle says she has seen many lives changed.

“Just a few months that we’ve been open we’ve seen a woman that had almost died that was an alcoholic that has been healed. She has gotten saved. She served God now. We’ve seen another lady with problems that had six kids that has a job now, she’s back on her feet and she’ll be getting her children back,” says Moyers.

Monica Wolfe, enrolled in the program in Mid JUNE after a friend told her about the home. Monica says it was her saving grace.

I was very depressed. Very depressed suicidal. I’d gotten to where everyday all I wanted to do was drink and smoke weed. Just so I could numb myself out so I wouldn’t have to think about all things I was going through in my life. The night before I’d already planned it out. I was going to shoot myself because I got to that point, I’ve never been to that point in my life and God sent somebody you know and this is where I am,” says Monica Wolfe.

Even though she has only been in the program for a short time, Monica says she is hopeful for her future.

“The first two weeks all I did was cry everyday and then the next thing I know God just started moving in my life and these people here care and they showed me through God that He was here for me no matter what,” says Wolfe

To those who are dealing with addictions of all kinds, Monica offers advice to those searching for help.

“Girl just hang in there and know that no matter what happens in your life, no matter God’s not mad at you. I would hold her hand and say don’t think anything bad, God loves you and I love you,” says Wolfe.

“Their life can be restored in that they have hope they have peace. They have a future a hope with God that when they were born they were wonderfully and marvelously made and God has a plan for your life,” says Moyers.

Leah’s House is a free program. They do not receive any funding for the progarm unless it’s through donations or volunteer work.

If you would like to find out how to help, you can contact Michelle Moyers at (662) 703-9806 or at mmorersoi@yahoo.com

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