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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) –-Heritage Academy senior Cade Lott has been part of quite a few wins during his time playing athletics at school.

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Heritage Academy’s Cade Lott extending for a touchdown for the Patriots football team.

From leading the football team to the 2012 State Championship, to being a key part of the 2011 golf team winning the state title, he’s also a starter on the boys’ basketball team. This begs the question: what can’t the superstar senior do?

“I do not play baseball and I do not run track,” says Lott.

He may not be able to play every sport, but on the hardwood, head coach Gary Harris has seen what he means for his Patriot squad motivated to make a run for the state title much like the football team.

“I have high expectations for him,” said Coach Harris. “I push him hard and he responds and he pushes the team hard.

“We’re trying to get to that State Championship the football team got to. With so many seniors, it’s hard to pick out one leader. Somebody has to step forward out of the pack and be a leader. Cade gets in there and is definitely a part of that.”

A large part of Cade’s leadership on the court and in the huddle comes from his ability to keep up his skills off the court in the books.

“My parents, they keep my studies on point,” says Lott. “If I’m below a B, I can’t play. I have to keep above a B so I can keep playing.”

Cade’s next endeavors involve keeping up those grades and attending Mississippi State. There’s no question that once he leaves Heritage for Starkville, his name will stand the test of time as one of the greats to don the red and blue of the Patriots.

“You look at the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders; they look up to Cade and say hey he is a part of some of the best that have come through here. He’s had a lot of great success and that doesn’t come by mistake. It’s because he works and plays hard.”

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