Sheriff’s department asking for public’s help purchasing new K-9

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A sheriff’s department in Northeast Mississippi has asked the public to help with the cost of a new K9.

For more than a year, a German Shephard named “Nagod” served as the K-9 at the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department.

“Helps with narcotic detection, he was very good at tracking,” said Chickasaw County Sheriff Jim Meyers.

But an injury suffered during training sent Nagod into early retirement. He now lives with the sheriff department’s K-9 officer, but a new dog is needed.

With limited funds available, Sheriff Meyers took to Facebook, seeking donations from the public.

“We live in a small county, I  have a budget, our road department has a budget and we just have a limited supply of stuff we can actually purchase through our budget, we have been very fortunate in Chickasaw County, our citizens have always stepped up to the plate, helped us with anything we have ever needed,” said Sheriff Meyers.

Sheriff Meyers said he doesn’t particularly enjoy going to the public asking for donations, but he also knows a well trained, multi-purpose K-9 can be a great tool for law enforcement and can also help keep his deputies safer on the streets.

“Anytime we do a building search, or criminal apprehension, it’s nice to have a dog, because a lot of times  a dog can do things a man can’t do,” he said.

Sheriff Meyers hopes to have funds for the new K-9 within the next few weeks so the dog can get certified and bond with its handler.

If you would like to donate, you can contact the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department at 662-456-2339 or send the department a message through Facebook.

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