Local Boy Becomes A Celebrity For A Day


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Jaylon Shelton is a local 18 year-old who’s battling multiple disabilities including a rare muscle condition in his legs.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is giving Jaylon the trip of a lifetime and a sendoff party fit for a celebrity.

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Jaylon has always dreamed of becoming a Christian Rap artist. He’s now one step closer to making that dream a reality thanks to a few members of the community.

Jaylon made his way down the red carpet Sunday evening at Vibrant Church as friends and family members gathered to send him on his way to Atlanta to meet with Christian Rap Artist La’Crae and tour his music studio.

“This is an opportunity for him and his family to celebrate his wish because obviously his whole family is not able to go on the wish,” says Wish Granter Melanie Cole. 

Jaylon has been waiting for his wish to come true for two years now, but he’s been battling his own health for 18 years.

“He has multi-disabilities and it affected the muscles in his legs, so he goes to Jackson about three or four times a year,” says Jaylon’ s mom Ann Shelton.

However, Jaylon’s issues with health haven’t prevented him from developing a love for music.

“Jaylon is a very loving child. People love him. He loves music, he goes to bed with music. He’s a worshiper, he loves the lord,” says Shelton. 

Students from Columbus High School also attended Jaylon’s party to perform some of his favorite songs.

“He’s going to be so excited and so happy, I’m so thrilled for him. He’s going to have the greatest time ever, ” says Jaylon’s friend Khayla Gray. 

Wish granters say they hope tonight has a positive impact on Jaylon’s life.

“It’s more than just a nice thing. Wishes are… It gives them joy, it gives them hope, it gives them a new strength. It gives them something that they can look forward to. It’s not just a wish,” says Cole. 

Everyone at the event seems to agree that the night will be one to remember.

“For everything to come together in the last month has been extremely satisfying, ” says Cole. 

“He’s gonna look back one day, even though he’s 18 today, and he’s gonna ‘Hey, I did that, I been there, and I have my own CD now,” says Shelton.

Jaylon will be leaving for Atlanta on January 3rd.