Local businesses discuss keeping mask mandate

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Masks may be on the way out; at least for people who have been fully vaccinated. Local communities are also lifting mask mandates.

The new guidance from the CDC says vaccinated people don’t have to wear a mask unless required by a specific business or by state and local regulations.

Some people say they are happy about the news; while others will stick to what they’ve been doing and stay cautious.

“I’m going to wear my mask because I had people affected it in my community, my daughter still goes to school, so I think that we should still wear our masks,” said resident Cortensia Wilson.

“I’m actually glad that it’s lifted mainly because I don’t think that it was helping any way I feel like if you were going to get sick you were going to get sick with or without a mask,” said resident Lisa Hurt.

“We still need the mask mandate in place for those people who aren’t fully vaccinated because you don’t know,” said resident Rachel Williams.

Some businesses are still adhering to their safety measures before allowing people to come back to stores fully.

“As much as I hear from our district we’re out of Alabama so we do follow their regulations as well as soon as soon as they say hey let’s lift them we will do it,” said Mattress Firm store manager Gray Robinson.

Robinson said people haven’t had a problem with still following their guidelines because the store makes them feel safe.

“Wearing our masks being safe we do have a station here that does help with those particular sanitation things with your face masks, you know pillow protectors and also with gloves as well if they need it,” said Robinson.

Robinson said the store is looking for their next great employee after eased restrictions and unemployment benefits about to end.

“Right now we are just in the midst of great salespeople in general we’re not necessarily with any fame or fortune but if anyone has the ability to sale come on by and see me I’d definitely love to talk to them,” said Robinson.

Many of the businesses with mask requirements are following their corporate mandate.


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