Local church hosts hygiene item giveaway for the community

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- People have been coming together like never before to help their neighbor. Local churches were some of the first to step up and reach out. Within the past year churches throughout the area have held food and supply donations to feed those in need within the community.

Christmas may be long gone, but one local church, in Starkville, was in a giving mood this morning.

“Just giving back to the community means so much to me;  yea we give the word and we preach the word and that’s the foundation, but we can also meet the physical needs of the people as well,” said pastor Corey Jordan of St. Paul M.B. Church in Starkville.

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Starkville partnered with Life-Changing Missions of Montgomery Alabama to host a hygiene item giveaway; they felt there was no better time.

“Every 3 months we choose a city to do outreach and I felt this was a perfect time, this is my hometown, with the pandemic and after the ice storm I just felt this was a good time to show love to the community in the midst of a dark world,” said pastor Lashunda Brown of Life-Changing Missions.

Brown said planning the event wasn’t a quick and easy task.

“It took about 3 months it’s just getting money and all of that and it took about a whole week last week in Alabama trying to get all the things together and get a truck down here to bring it here,” said Brown.

Social media entities like Facebook played a vital role in getting people to come out.

“Whenever we make announcements whenever we post something we could tell people were getting the word out people would like and share and so that was our main platform of getting the word out,” said Jordan.

The churches worked together to give out 500 bags filled with toiletries and cleaning supplies and are thankful for everything going smoothly.

“Those who missed it maybe we’ll be back here again I hope that you’ll come out, because there’s so much love in this atmosphere today that we’re just so thankful to all the people that donated, to all the people that came out we’re just thankful for it,” said Brown.

The event was a bright spot to everything going on, but Brown had a message to those who may still be down.

“Even though a lot of things are going on God is still able God is still love and just keep looking up because there’s help around the corner and we’re believing God is going to do things,” said Brown.

Both pastors felt the event was a success and Jordan says he plans to make the giveaway an annual event as long as he’s a pastor at the church.

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