Local deer processor has exceeded capacity

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Deer hunting season is among us and local deer processing companies have been busier than normal.

Fork N Road has reached their max capacity for accepting deer already this week.

Hundreds of deer have been skinned and brought in to be processed into different meats as the customer desires.

Owners and employees feel that people have more free time to hunt and the deer they kill will serve as a good meal.

“We’re pretty busy usually, but we’ve had to shut down a couple times just because we can’t take anymore deer and last year we didn’t start doing that until like this time, but we’ve already shut down 5 times since the deer season started” said supervisor Melanie Moore.

Other employees feel there are different reasons their business has been coming more than usual.

“I think we’ve been really busy just because people are panicking a little. They’re kind of worried about, you know, future shut downs and so they’re just trying to be prepared and have their meat ready and Fork N Road has great products and it’s the best place, in my opinion, to get meat and that sort of thing” said employee Lauren Adams.

“For us its been really really busy. I think a lot of people if they are sick when they maybe can get out of the house they go hunting. A lot of people are going to go hunting anyway, but now that they’re off they go more time to hunt and I think a lot of people are thinking about things possibly being shut down again maybe” said employee Corey Haynes.

“They’re trying to go lay down some meat so they can fill they’re freezers up; so it makes it a lot busier for us” said Haynes.

Fork N Road is expecting to start accepting deer again on Thursday and they will get your meat processed first come first served.

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