Local hardware store comes up with plan to make faucet covers

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Temperatures will dip well below freezing over the next several hours and people across the area are taking precautions to make sure their homes are protected.

In particular, homeowners will want to keep their pipes from bursting.

Our Desmone Mathews talked to a local hardware store that sold out of faucet covers.

When he got to military hardware this morning there may have only been three customers in the store but when he left it was flooded with people looking for outdoor faucet covers.

No store in Lowndes County has any but stores like Military Hardware had a backup plan.

Colder temperatures are creeping in and people are doing what they can to keep their pipes safe at home.

“I came in a couple of days ago and just told them I needed some insulation covers for my faucets and he’s like oh we’re out but the truck is going to run on Thursday and so when I called this morning I was like hey did the truck run and he said no but they had a backup kit,” said Courtney Stanback, a customer.

Stores like Military Hardware have seen people coming in and out searching for outdoor faucet covers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any in stock.

Sales Manager Keyton Blocker said the store ordered 120 of the faucet covers in hopes that the truck would deliver them Thursday, but he said no store in the region has received any.

Some people came in and pre-ordered the faucet covers and since the store didn’t get them in, they’ve been creating new ways to help folks keep their pipes safe.

“You get a stick of this pipe insulation right here and you take your faucet outside and you wrap it around like that.. that will be the back end of the faucet up against your house and you take one of these three zip ties that I’ve been putting in these kits and you put a zip tie around the top and a zip tie around the bottom and then you put a big plastic bag over the top of it with some rags shoved in around it for some more insulation and then you zip tie and duck tape that bag to the house all the way around,” said Keyton Blocher, Sales Manager at Military Hardware.

But when those items aren’t available there’s a backup.

“We take the little short piece of rope and tie a little loop on the end of it and what you do is you take this loop and you put this loop right here around the top of your faucet cover, you poke a hole in the bottom of your bucket, take your rope slip it through the bottom until it’s taught on your house. You take a washer, you put it down on top take some rags and tilt this away, shove your rags underneath and make sure it’s good and tight get it all around there and then you take your rope and pull it tight and you tight a knot around in your rope and pull it tight to your house that way it’s shoved up and keeps the air from getting in the faucet so your pipes don’t freeze,” said Blocher.

Blocher also encouraged people to let their faucets drip in the house as well as keep their cabinets open so that heat can hit the pipes under their sink.

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