Local organizations are teaming up to “Clean Up Columbus.”

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- A group of city offices is joining together to implement a plan that has been dubbed “Clean Up Columbus.”

The program has been going on for three days now, and the differences are already starting to be seen.

Nancy Carpenter says that quick action has paid off.

“I think it does I think that when your attention is drawn to any issue, I think that those of us who really care about our city and love our city we’re gonna jump in and do whatever it takes,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter said that they wanted to get started after noticing how the city looked.

“People were mentioning that Columbus really needed to get cleaned up we have a lot of activities going on with people coming in town for football games of course and then we’re hosting the governors conference on tourism so we’ll have several hundred people in town for that and I Said well, What we need to do as a group is just clean up Columbus,” said Carpenter.

Clean up Columbus will end September 11th.

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