Local propane company very busy after ice storm


LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Our recent winter weather has sent businesses into a skid, including the propane industry.

Fair Propane says their drivers were parked Monday and Tuesday because of the icy conditions.

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That’s the longest the company’s trucks have ever gone without making deliveries in its nearly 80 years in business.

Drivers worked through the weekend to beat the snow and freezing rain.

The challenge now is getting to rural areas that take longer to thaw out.

“When you get under 30% on your tank that’s when it’s time to call in and normal tanks are 250-gallon tanks. So, 30% is 75 gallons. So, you still have a good bit of gas to get through for the next couple of weeks, but in a time like this where there’s a lot of calls stacking up and then some people wait until they are almost out to call,” said Johnny Fair, Fair Propane President. “Those are the ones that we are really prioritizing who to get to first to make sure no one runs out.”

Fair Propane’s Columbus location started limited deliveries on Wednesday and the Louisville location started today.