Local realtors in Amory discovering a common trend in rental properties

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) —  Local realtors have seen an eye-popping trend in Amory, the lack of mid-range housing available where even in some instances, properties being rented have not been kept up-to-date.

After meeting with the Amory Board of Aldermen last month, they are on board in helping these realtors address this issue.

“The realtors have come together and we are going to form a committee and we are going to see what we can do to assist the city in fixing these homes, said realtor Tracy Randle fo Leech Realty in Amory.

One major take away from the meeting?

“It was brought up that there is a rental ordinance in Amory,” said Jennifer Bost of White Oak Realty in Smithville. “And when you have a rental property you need to register your rental property with the city so that they know your property is a rental property. That way they are able to come in and inspect your property. It signs you up for inspections every two years so that you can keep your place up to code.”

The next meeting between realtors and the Amory Board of Alderman is set for next Tuesday at 10 A.M.

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