Local roofing companies are working hard to catch up after rain


GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The past few weeks have been filled with rain showers.

And these downpours have been felt by people all across the Golden Triangle.

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“The pressure is on,” said co-owner of Redwood Roofing Jack Redwood

After a few wet weeks, the recent sunshine is bringing some much-needed relief.

And for local roofing businesses, it means they can get back to work.

“I probably have 30 or 40 people waiting on me to show up for the first time. To look at their roof and our job list is in several weeks out. So things of been backing up on us pretty good. We are thankful for every dry day that we can get things done,” said Redwood.

With the added rain some homeowners have noticed a few leaks appearing in their roof.

But fixing these leaks has been a challenge.

“The pitch of the roof. If it’s a steeper pitch, then it makes it slicker of course on the roof. That makes it a danger hazard and then we do have to wait for to dry up. If the pitch of the roof isn’t as steep and then the challenges aren’t as great,” said Joel Britt, partner at Britt Roofing and More LLC.

“It’s not conducive to our materials adhering the way they’re supposed to properly,” said Redwood.

But the rain isn’t all bad. It sometimes can assist roofers in their repair efforts.

“Sometimes It makes it easier to find a leak that they have when the rain is actually coming down because we can go inside the house in the attic and find where the water is actually coming in it kinda makes it easier sometimes if it’s not raining too bad,” said Britt.

Now that the sun is shining it’s time to catch up on all the jobs that have built up.

“We’re very thankful for the good weather I had to spend Sunday and Monday with the crew to get caught up on some jobs, and since then they are in a position where they can now handle things without me, and I’ve been running trying to get caught up on service. I’ve got over three pages of stuff to do so it’s been accumulating big-time,” said Redwood.

Redwood tells us his company received 15 repair calls within 48 hours last week and he is thankful his customers are patient and understanding.