Local schools say technology is the future for learning and engagement

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the traditional norm of how students attend school.

Whether your child learns virtually or on a hybrid schedule, there’s a model most schools are relying on to make it all a bit easier- technology.

It’s been nearly a year since students were pulled from classrooms.

With classes back in session, students have access to in-class and at-home assignments. All it takes is one swipe at their fingertips.

“It opens doors for more differentiated instruction,” said Assistant Superintendent of Columbus Municipal School District, Glenn Dedeaux.

After nearly a year of holding classes during the pandemic, Dedeaux says students are experiencing multiple education models.

One of the reasons computers.

” It maximizes the concept as far as them using those technology’s to increase their learning and dig further into their lessons,” said Dedeaux.

Dedeaux says with most schools converting to virtual or hybrid models that puts a new meaning to student engagement.

Columbus High School Principal Craig Chapman says his school has purchased devices recently. Now, all 950 students can complete assignments from a distance.

” Before the pandemic, we were a one to one school. So, our students were using laptops. Since the pandemic, I think it’s increased the learning and opportunities for students to be available. It has increased the blended learning aspect of it where teachers can work with a student who is working virtually, ” said Chapman.

However, there are times the words on a bright screen aren’t enough.

” Each class has a situation where sometimes being in the classroom works better having that teacher teach them one on one. It gives the students more insight into how it works. Looking at hands-on instruction, you can’t get that from a computer,” said Dedeaux.

Faculty and staff are eager to see just how far those technological advances will shift into higher learning.

” It’ll be more opportunities for students to learn independently, which is something that we want to move to do the exploration. This will help them learn what they’re doing, reading, which the traditional instruction that’ll we’ve seen for so many years,” said Chapman.

School administrators say they’ll continue to monitor students on both models to ensure their devices are accessible for home use and local hotspots.


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