Local shoppers and business owners are prepared for Black Friday shopping

Finding that perfect deal is  the goal for shoppers on Black Friday

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Finding that perfect deal is  the goal for shoppers on Black Friday. Some people prefer the in-store rush.

“I prefer shopping in store you can try on things and you don’t have to ship it back you don’t have to worry about postal services so I prefer in store,” said shopper Mary Gardner.

Others would rather doing it from the comfort of their home.

“I do not like black Friday shopping because of the crowds. I don’t like the pushing and shoving and running I prefer shopping online,” said shopper Shelia Oneal.

Then there are those shoppers who will take advantage of a good deal no matter how they get it.

“I prefer the more traditional going in store but the way things are going now it’s kind of both,” said shopper Connor Merrrill.

Store closings during the pandemic prompted some businesses to take their transactions to the internet, and the online business is still booming.

Kosha Clark said she’s seen sales skyrocket for her online boutique, Savvy 2911; she planned ahead for customers concerned about shipping delays.

“I use a platform that is offering insurance and it ensures every single package that I ship out so it’s going to cover 300 dollars so that’s some reassurance that we’re able to give to our customers as well,” said Clark.

Clark said she’s sure a lot of her customers plan to spend some down time at home during their Christmas break, so she’s offering deals that cater to to comfort.

“I believe in relaxing so I would like to offer some holiday sets that may include some pajamas or you know something really comfortable when people are around with their families,” said Clark.

Families are encouraged to be safe in store or online this black Friday. To see Clarks website click here.

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