Local store officials are still seeing empty shelves for various reasons

Empty shelves in a grocery store are bad news for customers and for managers

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-Some grocery stores in the Golden Triangle still haven’t been getting their products in; at the same rate as before the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not just the pandemic; severe weather and labor shortages have all played a part in not getting items on store shelves.

Empty shelves in a grocery store are bad news for customers and for managers, like John Kemp from Sunflower in Columbus, because they can’t sell what’s not there.

“We’re missing a lot of Gatorade, we’re still having trouble with spices and whatnot, we’re also having a little bit of trouble with water lately but it’s been getting a little better but sometimes the supply is a little spotty,” said Kemp.

Kemp said lately he’s seen delays with getting drinks in because bottlers aren’t able to keep up, or they don’t have enough drivers to deliver.

“There’s definitely been a lot of issues to the supply chain when it comes to you know getting our water on time or getting you to know juice or coca-cola and then just even our regular warehouse trucks you know we get hit with a lot of out of stocks just about on every truck,” said Kemp.

Even workers agree that it’s been tough getting water and different drinks in on time, but when the products do arrive they put it out as soon as possible; because they know customers strike out at other places too.

“Right now we have quite a bit in the back and people have been coming and we’ve been keeping it quiet stocked lately because a lot of the stores have been without,” said store stocker Marvin Stevenson.

Toilet paper, tissue, and cleaning supplies are still relatively full for the store, but Kemp says he and customers have heard rumors that those items may slow down again.

“Hopefully we can get through the holidays which is you know our busiest time of the year that’s coming up. Once we get through that it should be getting better the demand will be a little bit lower,” said Kemp.

The next time you see your favorite water, not on the shelf just know it’s on its way and store officials like Kemp want people to be patient with them.

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