Locals prepare for their Independence Day celebrations

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – In July of 2020, several Fourth of July celebrations were canceled due to the pandemic.

With lifted COVID-19 restrictions, holiday traditions are getting back to normal and dozens are gearing up for this weekend.

“Wow. We’re going to go crazy. We’re going to go crazy,” Norris Burns, a Monroe county local, said.

Cookouts, pool parties, reunions, and firework shows. These are all the ingredients Monroe County citizens said make for a great Fourth of July weekend.

“All my family is coming to the house and we’re swimming, and eating, and making homemade ice cream and eating blackberry cobbler. And then tonight, we’re going to Smithville Park and going to do Sparks in the Park. Everything all-American,” Laurie Stephenson, Smithville local, said.

Folks headed to their local grocery stores to grab last-minute items to perfect their holiday recipes for family and friends.

“I’m going to be running outside and inside with my mom and my dad and my whole entire family,” 7-year-old Rylee Coleman, said.

“I’m just going to be an American. You know? On the Fourth of July, you know, you’re supposed to celebrate, you know. And it’s all about your family. That’s the most American thing that I can think of,” Burns said.

In addition to this celebration, folks reflected on what the Fourth of July symbolizes.

“It’s good to cook out, it’s good to sit around and take off work and all that. But, you got to remember all the people that fought. We’re blessed to be here and God put us on earth here,” Keith Braxton, a Monroe country local, said.

While Independence Day is always special for the people of Monroe County, locals said that this year is a little more special.

“It’s got to be more special because we didn’t, couldn’t celebrate like we wanted to last year. Like I said, because of the COVID, you know, you couldn’t move around like you wanted to do. You had to take precautionary measures in order to just have a good time. Yes, this is going to be very special,” Burns added.

Locals advised anyone who still needed to pick up items to get them as soon as possible to avoid the rush.

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