Louisville community gathers together to help neighbor in need

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The Louisville community has come together to help a neighbor in need.

The town has worked over the past year to provide a new home for Rita Taylor.

“People who didn’t even know me gave me a lot of stuff and I thank them from the bottom of my heart,” said Rita Taylor.

The Louisville community has rallied around Taylor to help provide her with a new home.

Last year, community activist Aline Haynes learned of the deteriorating state of Taylor’s home. She did not hesitate to help.

“The place was so bad, that she lived in. We were really afraid because there were holes in the floors and we really didn’t want anything to happen to her,” said Haynes.

Haynes immediately sprung into action starting a GoFundMe and hosting a fundraiser for the cause. Outside of the fundraising efforts, individuals, churches and businesses donated time and materials to make this a reality.

A longtime friend of Taylor, Janet Jackson, was the one who sought Haynes for help. She said the community outpouring was amazing.

“They really came in and gave what we needed to give to get this accomplished. There’s a scripture that says one plant one water and then God gives the increase and that’s what Aline did. She put the word out to the community and she put the seed down and they watered it and God increased,” said Jackson.

For Haynes, it is second nature to help others in her community.

“When I’m helping someone, I just think about the things that I have gone through in the past and things that my mom taught me. She always taught me when you kind of make it in life then you reach back and help others. So, that is very meaningful to me,” said Haynes.

Businesses in town donated appliances for Taylor’s new home.

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