Louisville community still shocked by shooting that killed 1 person

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – After that shooting in Louisville this weekend, people there are looking for ways to stop the gun violence in the area.

“You can’t undo what’s been done. We got to focus on the present and the future and we need to be here for each other and work toward some resolve,” said Mayor Hill.

After the shooting on John C. Stennis Drive in Louisville Sunday evening, Mayor Will Hill and the community are looking for ways to stop the shootings.

Mayor Hill said the community has to come together to work as a team.

“We must stand firm in Communities and say we don’t want to tolerate this. We love you. We love each other and we want the best for everyone but we also don’t want to live in fear and we don’t want to live in an environment where you feel unsafe in your neighborhood or your children going to school. With that, there are hard consequences. It’s being invested in these young people’s lives and letting them know that there’s a brighter future out there,” said Mayor Hill.

Those that grew up in the community agree.

Homer Jackson said the home is the key, and starting early is important.

“They are teaching it in the home. It comes from the house If you don’t teach your child at the house he will get it from the streets he will be buck wild. So I feel like the teaching should start at home,” said Jackson.

Louisville residents like Terrell Combest say it’s time for people to take an active role in their city, take their ideas to city leaders, and work together to solve the problem.

“We are going to have to get up and go to these meetings and start making suggestions on what we need to do. Try to come to some kind of plan to curb this violence because it’s sad that all of these young men and women have to die on the streets like that. On the streets. I’m talking about senseless stuff,” said Combest.

Community members are looking to law enforcement to help prevent violence before they have to respond to it.

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