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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — This week has brought sunny skies for recovery efforts across North Mississippi, but weekend thunderstorms are in the forecast.

Counselors in Louisville are helping prepare storm victims with post-tornado anxiety.

With more than a week of blue skies and sunny weather, storm clouds will roll back into storm ravaged areas. The thunder and lightening can spark memories of the devastation and make some tornado victims relive a nightmare.

“For a lot of them they will be anxious and a lot of people will be anxious to see what’s going to happen and a lot of them will be scared,” says Bobby Triplett.

Louisville resident, Bobby Triplett lost his mother and almost his son in last week’s twister.

While this weekend’s forecast is keeping him on edge, he’s more concerned about his son’s reaction.

“He was one that was in the house with my mom when the house collapsed on her. So, right now we’re just going to wait and see what’s going to become of it,” says Triplett.

Even though the younger Triplett is showing few signs of anxiety, his father is still worries about the boy’s future.

“Right now he is doing good and I talk with his mom and we are going to see about getting him some counseling. It’s like it’s not really bothering him. He is talking about it and he is not really being down. Up in life it will affect him,” says Triplett.

And there are people ready to help.

While tornado victims prepare for this weekend’s weather, the Louisville Community Counseling Center is offering grief counseling before the storm.

“Talking about thunder, talking about wind we’re trying to see the not only the danger of wind but how it can be our friend. We’re just trying to help change the concept from the bad to hopefully the good,” says Juliette Reese.

Through a series of exercises the counseling center helps children and adults to focus on a brighter future.

“Being in the moment. All the bad things that have happened have really passed and what we’re able to do now is sort of process it and move forward,” says Reese.

Through these counseling services, the goal is to help the community prepare and overcome the next storm.

If you need help coping the organization’s office is located on West Main Street in Louisville.


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