Louisville learns from past flooding, better prepares for future

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Some of the best lessons we learn in life are the hardest. That’s certainly the case in Louisville. But now, first responders have more equipment and a better plan for flooding emergencies.

“It helped us, it definitely helped us,” said Louisville Fire Chief Robert Hutto.

Hutto said last year’s flooding taught his firefighters a lot and prepared them for future flood events.

“We learned some ways of using high water vehicles to get in and evacuate people from homes,” said Hutto.

“We know who to contact first, and we are more familiar with our floodplain areas. We are getting our ducks in a row, and we are making sure we can deploy a lot quicker,” said Hutto.

Louisville Mayor Will Hill said the city upgraded some of its severe weather equipment.

“In a situation like that where we experienced dangerous flash floods, who would have ever thought that our first responders needed a boat? We have done that. We added that to our equipment needs because, on the day of the event, we said it was not about flooding. It is more about life safety,” said Hill.

Hutto also said the high waters made first responders pay attention to certain areas in Louisville that were once considered to be safe from floods.

“On July 13, even the areas that had flooded never before flooded, we had neighborhoods that had never flooded before flooded. Now we know if we have another event such as last year, we need to be watching those areas,” said Hutto.

Hill said there are plans to continue equipment upgrades for first responders.

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