Louisville man in need of kidney donor


“How can I say, it's a silent killer when it comes up on you," said Coleman.WATCH: Louisville man in need of kidney donor WCBI News —-> Telvin Coleman

Posted by Bobby Martinez on Monday, October 19, 2020


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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) —  Living life day-by-day, that has been the mindset for a Louisville native Telvin Coleman who is dealing with a serious kidney disease.

And after two unsuccessful transplants, the journey continues to be a rocky one.

“How can I say, it’s a silent killer when it comes up on you,” said Coleman.

Coleman’s life changed in 1997 when he was diagnosed with Kidney Renal Failure.

“I was working at a job and on the job, I always fall asleep and my mom she noticed it too because at home I wasn’t acting like the person I usually be,” said Coleman. “So at work I went to sleep, they sent me home that day. So I went home and my mom said something’s going on you not right.”

According to professional health website Urologyhealth.org, this happens when your kidneys are no longer able to filter and clean blood.

Which can then cause levels of waste products to build and can be deadly if not treated.

“You have to pray every day,” said Coleman. “Because you don’t know that it’s coming along until you do your lab work and different kind of other factors that factor into this. But I approach it every day like it’s my last day because you don’t know.”

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