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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — The people of Louisville see disaster out their front window every day.

A lot of progress is being made.

As the recovery from the April 28 continues, the need to plan for how the town will look 10 years from now is becoming more immediate.

Debris and concrete slabs haunt where homes once stood in Louisville.

Despite the bare streets, city leaders know the town is being rebuilt stronger, one brick at a time.

“If I had to rate recovery overall, I’d say it’s good not great because it could always be better. There’s a lot of good things happening behind the scenes,” says Mayor Will Hill.

Winston Strong, the community-based organization, is a vital part in rebuilding the tornado-battered community.

The group says a lot of work has been done, but a complete recovery will take time.

“When that pile of debris is sitting by the road was your house it’s hard for some to come by and have patience we’re going to get you back into a house we will recover, but by the same token we’re eating one elephant here. It is a two to three year process and we’re having to do it a bite at a time,” says Mike Dowd.

The town of Louisville has come a long way since the April 28 tornado that destroyed many homes and businesses. Now, town leaders want to know from the community what ways they can improve the recovery process.

Louisville resident, Patsy Higgins knows her concerns will be heard.

“It means a lot you know it lets me voice my opinion about what can be better,” she said.

Hill wants tornado victims to know their voice can help restore the community.

“Right now, a lot of things can be on the table and it doesn’t need to always be pie in the shy but sometimes we need to be lawfully with our dreams and this gives an opportunity for everyone to have that chance,” he noted

Winston County Supervisor Mike Peterson says the community continues to work hard for a brighter future.
“Around the county folks cleaning up and working hard building back and just testament to the citizens to this county.”

The plan for recovery is just the beginning, but the need for a vision from residents is needed more than ever.

To voice your opinion, recovery planners will host a meeting at Louisville City Hall next Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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