Louisville School District, Winston Academy prepare in case of positive COVID cases

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — This school year, some schools have resorted to either virtual learning or traditional because of COVID19.

And for those schools who have chosen the traditional route, what happens when an employee or student tests positive?

David Luke, Superintendent of Louisville Municipal School district, said letters will be sent to families once a student or faculty member tests positive.

“A person that has tested positive or someone in the household has tested positive, we are going to notify that person with written documentation you know talking about their quarantine days and procedures and steps that they are supposed to take,” said Luke.

Now, if there is just one positive case, the school will still remain open, but if its greater than three.

“So once you get greater than three confirmed cases in a group that’s when you go to look at the possibility quarantine the group.”

Paul Hayles, Head of School at Winston Academy, said once a person tests positive, they must immediately go into quarantine.

And from there?

“Then what we have to do is find out if it is a staff member, what people came into close contact, within six feet for 15 minutes. We have to break that down, we narrow that down normally that drops the number way down to a minute number in comparison to what would have been,” said Hayles.

Hayles said a majority of students have chosen the traditional way of learning.

But each day before stepping on campus, they must answer a few questions.

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