Lowndes Supervisors Save on Bond Refinancing, Sell Aged Health Department Property

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Lowndes County could save almost $200,000 by refinancing some old bonds but may have an even bigger savings in the works.

Supervisors today approved refinancing $8 million remaining from bonds issued in 2007 for industrial development.

Continued record low rates mean interest savings on the remaining seven years owed on the notes.

The deal could be finalized early next month. Consultants also are studying whether the county can refinance 30-year bonds issued three years ago to buy land west of Golden Triangle Airport for an expanded industrial park.

Shortening the term of the bonds and low rates could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

Supervisors part with old Health Department property

After more than four years, Lowndes County finally has sold the old Health Department property.

Supervisors approved selling the two acres on Military Road to Cynthia Killingsworth for $5,000. That’s what the property appraised for.

Real estate agent Jeffrey Carter offered $2,500.

The old building closed in 2010 after a new one opened. The city and county tore the old building down after it failed to sell, leaving just the lot.

Supervisors say Killingsworth may use the site for a barbecue outlet.

Double signage approved on area state aid roads

Some drivers in Lowndes and other Northeast Mississippi counties may be seeing double, but it won’t last long and is for a good reason.

Crews have started installing new stop and street name signs on state aid roads in Lowndes and other counties. But crews taking down the old signs haven’t gotten to some areas yet which has left two signs and some confusion in some places.

The larger and more reflective signs are part of a six-year-old national effort to improve visibility and safety.

Taxpayers also benefit because local governments get the old signs for use on less-traveled roads.

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