Video: Lowndes Young Leaders Graduation

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) –Educating our youth is one of the greatest things we can do. Providing them with opportunities to achieve in their hometowns is one way to continue watch the state of Mississippi grow. Students from across the area graduated from the Lowndes Young Leaders Program today.

Lowndes Young Leaders began in 1999 as a program to help educate students on business development, quality of living standards, and how the government works.

It has evolved into one of the top leadership programs in the state, by allowing students to gain key traits that will help further their lives after high school.

Hunter Neenuea says, “It’s more than just leadership actually, it’s life skills they’ll use later on in life.”

The program is sponsored by the chamber of commerce, rotary, and muw office of outreach and last about 10 months

During that time students visit locations such as the state capitol, Salvation Armies, and even Atlanta to help build bonds between the students.

Neeneau goes on to say, “We went to this circus art institute where they actually taught us how to do trapeze and stuff like that. Its really a lot of team building and learning how to work together.”

By working in the community, students develop a connection to their city. It also opens their eyes to the many ways they can use their talents here in Lowndes County.

Blaine Walter says, “There are so many opportunities in their lives to make an impact in their community. To better themselves to have more and do great things in other cities but to stay here in Columbus, and do great things for your people.”

Keynote speaker, Marshall Ramsey also inspired students to embrace the challenges in life, because they typically lead to greatest moments.

Following their graduation, new students were inducted to the program.

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