Lunar eclipse with super flower blood moon this weekend

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI) – Sunday night, turn your eyes to the sky! A full lunar eclipse, complete with a full “flower moon”, will be visible across eastern North America, including Mississippi.

Don’t worry – you won’t need special glasses to view this one. A lunar eclipse is when the Earth passes between the sun and moon, casting a reddish shadow onto the moon. Sunday night, a full lunar eclipse will occur. This means viewers can see it from start to finish, a process lasting from moonrise until 1:50 AM in the central time zone.

Inside that time window, nearly 85 minutes of totality will occur. The peak is forecast to occur between 11:11 and 11:12 PM CDT.

The full moon this time of year is referred to the “flower moon” because it’s when most wildflowers are in full bloom. The term “super” is also attached because the moon is in the closest point to Earth in its orbit, appearing a bit larger as a result.

Hope for a clear sky across northeast MS to witness it!

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