Maben murder: Victim’s sister speaks out

OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Taquinci Sheehy has quite the story to tell, and it’s a tough one. She has her own theory about what she thinks happened to her sister in that house on A. W. Williams Road in Oktibbeha County.

There’s talk of disrespect, family trouble, and even a dark prediction that, sadly, ended up being true.

“Lydia had told many people that she wanted my sister dead. That she would kill her. Ain’t no need in holding it back. I’m sorry but this was the truth,” said Sheehy.

Taquinci Sheehy is Lou Anda Jones’ sister. She knew firsthand the nature of Jones and her daughter’s relationship.

“This girl, she done disrespected the school teacher, the bus driver. She done cussed, done tried to fight grown people. She has done so much and Lou Anda was like ‘Lawd, this girl’. And I said, Louann, I said you might need to let her go. Not let her go to the streets but put her somewhere that she can get some help or whatever they going to do with her cause she is draining you. She is killing you. I said she will be the death of you. I hate I even spoke that but it was the truth. She was the…she is the death of my sister,” said Sheehy.

The more Sheehy learned, the more she said she believed her niece may have been involved.

“I got a phone call this morning telling me the way she told this person that she wanted my sister dead. She had stressed my sister out so bad. And I know she loved her daughter. And I don’t know if this might go on record or not but she had something to do with the loss of my sister,” said Sheehy.

Sheehy also believed someone else played a part in Jones’s death.

“I just think that whoever the guy is – of course, he is the picture, whoever he is, done put things in her head. Done put her against, had put her against her mom because that’s where she wanna be. You know the guy had called my sister’s phone Saturday and she explained to him. Her name is not this person she told you. She is not this age. She’s 13. She is not 20. And you know I think he lied about his age. He said he was 20 but I think he’s older than he is but I don’t know,” said Sheehy.

As for Lydia, she is now in custody awaiting questioning with the Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Department.

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