Macon man charged with sex crime against child

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – A man in Macon is facing almost a dozen charges in connection with a child sex crime.

61-year-old Jerry Hull was arrested. He’s charged with 3 counts of sexual assault, 3 counts of statutory rape, and 3 counts of carnal knowledge of an unmarried stepchild or adopted child.

Hull is accused of raping a young family member. Investigators say there are several incidents between September first through September 12th.

Hull is out on bond. He’ll be arraigned in October.

Macon police chief Davine Beck says the investigation and arrest have shaken the close-knit community.

“When I first heard about it I lost sleep over it because it just nothing like this has happened in our community. I have been doing this for over twenty-something years and this is the first case I’ve ever worked like this and it’s just sickening and it’s shocking and I take it personally. I really do. Elderly people, vulnerable adults, and kids. Those cases I’m going to work it and I promise you the results are going to be bad on the violator’s end because I’m going to try and send you away as long as I can,” said Beck.

Beck says that since the incident Hull has lost his job and could possibly face more charges.

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