Macon PD suits up: Officers get new tactical gear funded by grant

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – “I’m trying to get my department up to par, as far as equipment, and get them the things that they need to go on day-to-day operations.” said Macon Police Chief Davine Beck.

Beck’s department was recently able to buy 10 new tactical vests, with a price tag of more than $2,000 with a powerful grant.

“I’m just fortunate enough that 4-County was able to help us get these vests. They look out for us. They want us to be well equipped, well protected to go out and serve the public,” said Beck. “If you don’t have a resource or a source to get grants. Most small departments rely on grants. We don’t have an extremely big budget like larger departments, so we rely on grants. Fortunately enough, every time I’ve applied for a grant, I got a grant.”

Investigator Kayla Duck-Hill said the new vests are convenient and reliable.

They are custom-fit and lightweight, but they can also carry a load.

“They’re just easier and durable as far as longitude in having them for a while,” said Hill.

“We can put a lot of equipment in them, such as magazines for your guns, gloves, flashlights, and any other things like handcuffs. You can put a lot of things that you don’t want to put around your waist,” said Beck.

“As far as the compartments, they are easier for us to carry utilities that are needed for day-to-day versus the duty rig. I mean we still use it, but we prefer to use our vests on a daily aspect when working in the community,” said Hill.

Beck is expecting to add 12 body cameras and two more patrol vehicles to his fleet within the upcoming year.

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