Macon police see rise in auto burglaries

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – A new trend is going viral, and local police say it could cost you your set of wheels.

Over the last several days nearly five cars have been burglarized or stolen in the Macon area.

That’s become a familiar sound in the Macon area.

Police Chief Davine Beck said at least 10 people have become victims of car burglaries over the last month and this time it’s not because they forgot to lock their doors.

“It is something that has gone viral on social media. Teaching kids how to steal vehicles. There are two certain brands that they do take .. it is happening all over the country that they are stealing vehicles like this. Some of the vehicles have a programmer they can use that can steal your signal and get in your vehicle in 5 to 10 seconds,” Beck said.

A common factor in burglaries is broken windows and if the car is stolen it’s often being used for other suspicious activity.

“The trend that we are seeing with younger people is they are using these vehicles to commit crimes. Recently we had a vehicle stolen in Macon that was used in a crime. We found a car later on and it was totally burned up and had bullet holes in it and it was traced back to a specific area that was used in a crime,” Beck said.

Beck said most of the car burglaries they have seen in Macon are at apartment complexes

“The Dept’s area, Mayfair, Green Oaks apartments. All of those apartments are complex that’s where we have been having a bunch of break-ins,” Beck said.

Macon police footage shows the suspects in all-black clothing and traveling in a pack.

“Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of your neighborhood. If you see 4 or 5 guys walking they are suspicious because they are up to no good. Especially young people. If they are in groups their intent is to harm something. I am not telling nobody to profile anyone but just be aware of who is walking in your neighborhood,” Beck said.

Beck suggested tips to help keep you from being a victim.

He suggested parking your car where there is good lighting and where you can see it from inside the house.

Also, you can purchase a steering wheel lock online or at an auto store and lastly, he said to make sure firearms and valuables are taken out of your vehicle.

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