Video: Make It In America Initiative


by Victoria Bailey

STARKVILLE, Miss.(WCBI)—Starting Domestic Business and Creating Domestic Jobs is a huge step in strengthening the u.s. economy. and that’s just what Harry Moser is doing with the “Make it in America Reshoring Summit.

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This morning several sessions were held to discuss the country’s economy and what can be done to help it. Now the Reshoring initiative’s goal is to bring good, well paying jobs back to the U.S. from over seas by showing domestic companies how much more successful they can be when they work with the resources right here at home.

Furniture is a must have in most homes but because of the price tag, Americans usually buy from over seas. After seeing how much business is lost to out of country competitor. This encouraged President Harry Moser to create the “Make It In America Reshoring Initiative”

President Harry Moser says,”We help companies see that in many cases it would be more profitable for them to make the work here rather than off shore.”

Now Typically companies in the past look only at the wage rate or only at the price they would have to pay for the product. The initiative’s goal is to get them to look at what is called the total cost. And bringing business and jobs back to Mississippi is a challenge of it’s own. Moser goes on to say the businesses and companies won’t be very successful without the skills to back it.

Maser says,”To be able to be more competitive we have to be more automated. We need higher technology, we need advanced manufacturing. The workers who don’t have the skills can’t run those things. To be able to use the more modern processes that enable us to be competitive to bring the work back.”

This is “The Make It In America Reshoring Initiative’s third year of operation and the Director of College of Engineering Dr. Clayton Walden says the mission is far from over.

Walden says,”The mission goes on RIGHT, and so we’re going to continue to find ways of linking suppliers to OEMs. To find ways of helping these companies develop a more competitive work place and working with out community college partners to have a greater work force skills and all this kinda works together and when we become more competitive then we’re more globally competitive and then we can be more successful in manufacturing here in the united states.”

To become a part of The Make it In America Initiative just contact
Presdint Harry Moser at8477262975 or visit the website at