A man is running through major obstacles

COLUMBUS, Miss (WCBI)- Running may be a pastime or sport to some, but others run for different reasons. Don Muchow is running to raise awareness for diabetes. He is on course to run 2,845 miles going through several states to prove diabetes can’t hold him down.

Muchow began this course in February of 2020, but it came to a halt due to Covid-19; however, he is back on his journey to reaching a new world record. With the help of his wife, Muchow plans to go the distance that most would only fly over.

“I wanted to make people aware who are type one diabetics like myself that while it’s very scary to get out and be physically active it’s still better than the consequences of not taking any action at all,” said Muchow.

Muchow went through Columbus and plans his next stop in either Mobile or Tuscaloosa Alabama.

“We started at Newport beach California, there was a reason for that, we plan to end in Melbourne Florida. The reason we chose those two endpoints is that they are actually on the ocean and we’re hoping to set a record for the first person to run from Disney Land to Disney World,” said Muchow.

Muchow plans to finish the course by mid to late April and says he feels confident in himself to tackle another obstacle in his life.

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