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HAMILTON, Miss. (WCBI)- It was just an ordinary Saturday for Jessica Cantrell and her co-workers at Lacky’s restaurant. That is, until a strange man walked through the door.

“Me and Brianne were in here making tea and he came running past us to the back of the kitchen.We thought he was here to see somebody and we all ended up out front and every one was asking if we knew him and none of us knew him, so one of the other employees went back there to ask him what was going on,” says Cantrell.

After they realized something was wrong, restaurant owner Kenneth Lacky spoke to a very disoriented Ricky Ford.

“He was asking him what was going on, the man was like, well my plane crashed. Then he said my girlfriend broke up with me. So we really didn’t know which one it was,” says Ford.

Workers tell WCBI that the pilot walked from the gravel road into the Lacky’s parking lot, right inside the restaurant door and sat down inside the dish room.

“He was trucking it! When he got here, he walked straight in, sat down and then he took off walking when he thought he had to leave again, until Kenneth got him back in here,” says Cantrell.

When authorities arrived, Jessica and her co-workers found out that Ford really did have a very rough night.

“The cops started talking to him, asking if he had any weapons or anything. When they were walking out they told us he was classified as a Missing Person,” says Cantrell.

Jessica says it’s a miracle that he not only survived the crash, but walked through the woods and swap with hardly any injuries.

“He was really clean cut looking. His hair was a little messed up but other than that he had no dirt on him. He had scratches on his hands but that was it, says Cantrell.

The workers at Lacky’s are happy Ricky Ford’s plane crash survival story had a miraculous ending.

“It was crazy, but I’m glad he’s okay,” says Cantrell.

Authorities say Ricky Ford actually landed in Louisville to fill up, but he was not able to get fuel and took off anyway. It was shortly after that when his plane crashed.

Officials have called in the federal aviation administration. They will investigate the cause of the crash sometime this week.


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