Market Street Festival


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – When people take over downtown Columbus instead of cars, you know it’s time for the Market Street Festival.

Music, people, and plenty of things to buy, fill the streets of downtown. The 21st annual festival brings in thousands each year, like festival goer, Betty Morgan.

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“It is good for all of us to come together as one. Love, community, we need to come together as one. I ran up on Mother Goose, me and her done had a ball,” says Morgan.

A festival wouldn’t be a festival without food, which brings out a variety of treats to eat.

“You put them in the grease, or oil, I like to use vegetable, that keeps them from being so greasy, and let them sit in there, give them a good stir, then a little bit later on when they’re coming up for air, that’s the time to take them up,” says food vendor, Danny Rast.

Whether you’re snacking on pork rinds, or funnel cakes, your eyes don’t miss the vendor booths filled with special crafts and treasures.

“Being at Market Street is great advertising for any business. There are so many people that walk through here. The weather is beautiful today, so people come out, and just enjoy it. People that wouldn’t ordinarily know that you were around, see you here, so it’s just great exposure for any business,” says vendor, Kathryn Phillips.

Great exposure for businesses, and the friendly city, and fun for all is what Market Street is all about.