Mayor Maurice Howard could take legal action


ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – Mayor Maurice Howard is looking to take potential legal action against the Aberdeen Board of Alderman.

Some aldermen told WCBI the board voted to ban firearms from city hall after the mayor showed up to several meetings with carrying a gun in a holster on his belt.

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Guns rights activist Rick Ward said municipalities don’t have the right to regulate firearms from city hall under Mississippi law.

However, it’s possible guns could be banned from the board of aldermen meetings.

Howard feels like the ban is a personal attack.

“The real issue is not the gun. The real issue is that it’s the mayor that’s carrying a gun. We’ve had several guns, in board meetings, actual board meeting settings has been several people that come up there with guns. And I’m pretty sure to bore as seen several people carrying guns as well. But It wasn’t a problem until I came in with mine,” said Howard.

The board is expected to discuss the issue at its next meeting.

Aldermen that we reached out to were unavailable for an on-camera interview today.