MDE has released 2021 assessment for kindergarten readiness

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI) – Less than two-thirds of Mississippi’s kindergarten students were ready for school this fall.

The Mississippi Department of Education released its 2021 assessment for kindergarten readiness.

They tested more than 33,000 children. And, among those only 31.8% scored 530 or higher. That number is the one used to determine if children can identify of the alphabet and match most letters to their sounds. The tests also look at whether or not students are beginning to “read” picture books, are building their vocabulary, and listening skills.

The average score was 487.

This is a drop from 2019 and 2018.

School districts were allowed to test students remotely in fall 2020 due to the pandemic. Those numbers were not reported.

Research shows 85% of students who score 530 or higher on the assessment at the beginning of kindergarten are proficient in reading at the end of 3rd grade, another milestone for educators.

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