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OKTIBBEA County, Miss. (WCBI)-It’s caused quite an uproar throughout our area. The Mississippi Department of Transportation removing roadside memorials.

Many family and friends are confused by the regulations MDOT goes by so Transportation Commissioner Mike Tagert wants to clear up a few things on the topic.

“The only memorials that are allowed by state and federal law are those through the legislative process regardless of the nature of the accident or requires legislation approval. There are two very confusing points to all this one is public verses private property. And the other issue of course is there are different levels of government involved with different of roads. So what’s inconsistent or sometimes can be confusing is that we may see memorials that are on certain kinds of roads, but not other kinds of roads,” says

Mike Tagert says MDOT’s main concern is the safety for drivers.

  • Debbie Taylor

    Remove the advertisements and the electronic signs that you have to watch to read the messages!!

  • femjedi

    Well, that sounds like a truly political response. Doing a lot of talking and not saying anything that really addresses the issue that people really want to hear. I don’t have a memorial anywhere but this has hurt a lot of people and none of the memorials that I have had time to see have caused a distraction.

  • Carol Abston

    This “clearing up confusion” made no sense at all. My family is still hurt and confused.

  • Ed

    The best way to fix this is call your local state rep and let them know how you feel, if they don’t respond remember that with your vote.

    The transportation director needs to be voted out…..period!!!!!! He made no sense at all with his two sided excuse.

  • Bill

    When I’m driving down the road and see these memorials, they remind me that someone lost a loved one there and our roads are still dangerous to drive on. Maybe this is something MDOT doesn’t want to be reminded of. Making a statement that the memorials are distracting is a lame statement. The memorials remind drivers to slow down and take note that someone’s life ended here. A memorial is something that helps a grieving parent and other loved ones to cope with a reality, it is something next to sacredness. Taking the memorials down is like taking a tombstone away from a grave. We should at the least allow a certain time limit on them. They are no more a distraction than many other things along the roadways.

  • Loni

    Well said…..I totally agree.

  • Carol Abston

    Exactly! Thank you so much for that comment.

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