MDOT Employee credited for saving man’s life

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- A Mississippi Department of Transportation employee is hailed a hero after saving a man’s life after a motorcycle crash. Daniel Rodgers was recently awarded by the city of Tupelo for his quick actions. It’s a day he says has changed his life forever.

He’s just grateful he was at the right place at the right time

It was work as usual for Daniel Rodgers. MDOT trucks were loaded. He was off to meet the rest of his crew. But on the morning of May 22nd, 2019, what was routine quickly turned into chaos.

“I saw a motorcycle laying in the road. My first initial thought was someone lost it off their truck or trailer. Then I saw a gentleman laying in front of the motorcycle,” said Rodgers, who is a Roadside Development Manager with MDOT.

That man was Michael Page. Rodgers says he was face down on the roadway.

“He took about two ragged breaths and then he quit breathing,” said Rodgers.

Trained in CPR, Rodgers didn’t hesitate to do everything in his power to get Michael Page breathing again. Rodgers has been trained in CPR since he was 21. He was re-certified two weeks prior to this accident.

“He did not have a pulse,” said Rodgers.

This is the first time he’s ever been in a life or death situation and he always wondered, how he’d know if and when his chest compression’s were working. Then something miraculous happened.

“Aall of a sudden I felt the man’s heart pounding against my hands. I realized then how I was going to know. It’s an amazing thing to feel life come back into someone,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers was awarded a Tupelo Live Saver Award. He says he’s not a hero. He says he just wanted to do his part. Brother helping brother.

“The award at Tupelo was great, the city council, I enjoyed it. I was honored to receive that. But to hear that man’s voice on the phone, that’s what it was about. Knowing that he has a chance now when he may not have had I not been there,” said Rodgers.

Left speechless, Michael’s sister Nikia Page says a simple thank you will never be enough for giving her brother a second chance at life.

“I don’t even know if I have the words to tell him how thankful I am for what he did. He didn’t have to stop, but he did. My family is so grateful that he did what he did,” said Page.

Michael suffered a severe head injury and is in a rehabilitation center in Arkansas.

MDOT trains employees in first aid and CPR and Rodgers credit MDOT for the training employees go through.




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