MDOT Encourages Everyone to “Share The Road”

JACKSON, Miss. (Press Release) — May has begun, and there are many great items on the transportation calendar. In addition to National Bike Month and National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) will also observe National Transportation Week from May 11 through May 17.

May’s safety messages are shared across several modes of transportation, and because of this, MDOT wants to kick this month off with a single message that applies to all users of our state’s highways and roadways: Share The Road.

Whether you’re a bicyclist, a truck driver, a motorist or a motorcyclist, Mississippi’s roadways are there for everyone’s enjoyment.

There are many discussions revolving around about how each group is at fault. Motorcyclists and bicyclists claim that cars do not give them enough room. Automobile drivers say that cyclists don’t obey traffic laws, and truck drivers complain that cars and motorcycles switch lanes too abruptly and unpredictably.

MDOT wants all roadway users to know that everyone has the right to use our state’s transportation system. Driver laws are in place to protect everyone, whether you’re a motorist, bicyclist, motorcyclist or truck driver.

As May continues, MDOT will be sharing more specific safety tips, but for now please remember that Mississippi’s roadways belong to everyone who use them—let’s share them.

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