Medical members encourage folks to stay try staying cool this summer

The sun is blazing and the temperature isn't expected to cool off anytime soon

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- The sun is blazing and the temperature isn’t expected to cool off anytime soon.

Summer camps are going on but camp leaders say they’re monitoring kids time outside to try and keep them cool.

“Try to limit our outside activity. We were outside yesterday for a kickball game and we had fun with that, but before we went we told the kids that we would be outside for a minute and to make sure they drank plenty of water and wear some light clothing,” said Columbus Boys and Girls Club unit director Brittany Turner.

Turner said on many days they bring the outside activities indoors; letting the kids play, dance, and just enjoy themselves. Hydration is key to keeping the kids up and active; so they keep a healthy supply.

“Little kids can’t take as much as our older kids and vice versa so we want to make sure to monitor the time that we’re out there. We’re monitoring the water intake and we have cooler here that seems like we’re filling up everyday,” said Turner.

Allegro Plaza Family Clinic has seen more people coming in with symptoms of heat stroke this summer compared to others. Nurse practitioner Lindsay Kemp encouraged people to consume more water than usual.

“Be sure that you’re taking your body weight, one good rule of thumb is taking your body weight in half and that should be the amount of ounces you should drink each day,” said Kemp.

For folks over the age of 65 and children up to the age of four.

“Those are the individuals who are at the highest risk because it takes their body longer to adjust to heat so those are definitely individuals that need to be paid more attention to,” said Kemp.

Kemp knows that camps, athletics, and summer fun take place outdoors.

This year she encourages families to monitor their loved ones and to pay attention to each of them while they’re outside

“Increased physical activity is going to put those children and adolescents at higher risk and everyone’s metabolic system is different,” said Kemp.

Families are encouraged to keep water, and some drinks with electrolytes like Gatorade handy when going out in the heat..

Wearing cool clothes and hats will also be helpful.

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