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The Columbus Swim Team is getting set to compete in one of their biggest meets of the season this weekend. It is at those events where the top performers shine. Aaron Meek expects to do just that on Thursday through Saturday.

“It’s a big meet. There is only two a year and this one lasts for four days” Meek emphasized.

How Aaron Meek performs this weekend is irrelevant to his Head Coach however, he knows what kind of future Aaron has in the pool.

“He puts in the hard work and you can tell the kids that do that and he’s one of those. He puts it in and you know he is going to be good at the end when he goes in to race” said Columbus Swim Coach Chris Chain.

Despite his impressive accomplishments and blatant talent, Aaron’s classmates at Immanuel Christian are not completely up to speed on his abilities.

“They (classmates) know I’m a swimmer but most of them haven’t actually seen me in a meet but they know about it” Meek confessed.

Soon enough, more than just ICCE will know about Aaron Meek.

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