Meeting first responders ignited the community

NOXUBEE, Miss (WCBI)- It’s not often you meet a celebrity, role model, or superhero, but In Noxubee, some community members met them all in one by meeting their first responders. Those are the people that help throughout the community and even save lives.

“I hear that they do this every year and I can’t wait to be here every year that they do it I Mean this is a really good experience,” said paramedic Nolan Watt.

The people you see saving a life and even just riding by to keep the community safe gathered to meet neighbors in their town and give them some insight on what they do.

“This is an event that we do annually. This is where we get all of our emergency services together fire, EMR, also law enforcement was involved this year where they interact together,” said fire and EMR coordinator, of Noxubee County, Jim Robbins.

Robbins said even though the pandemic may have altered things; the support remained the same.

“Our community is really behind our first responders. We have excellent responders in this county on all branches whether fire EMS and law enforcement they work well together,” said Robbins.

Community members gathered to not only meet the first responders but to also find out how they do their jobs.

“Our community gets to get our and meet our first responders and see what equipment they have and see what they can do and it’s really good for them so they know who the first responders are in the event they should need them,” said Robbins.

The first responders went through detailed scenarios for people to see how they work in the field and under pressure.

“We’ve had two different motor vehicle accidents one was a single-vehicle one was a two-vehicle accident with multiple patients. We’ve also had a 4 wheeler accident and also a deer hunter has fallen and where the EMR has had to get him and transport him from the woods to the ambulance AirCare also came in and did a landing zone class for our EMR’ s and first responders,” said Robbins.

Watt says this is one step of building trust in the community.

“To grow confidence in us and we can grow confidence in them they really get to see how we do things and especially they can learn where what they do really helps us in the field,” said Watt.

Robbins encourages everyone to meet their first responders before potentially being faced with tragedy.

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