MEMA, CDC urging people to wear masks when leaving home

In an attempt to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, along with social distancing, MEMA and the CDC have suggested that people who leave their homes, should wear a face mask.

Brandi Krajewski, public relations director for Winston Medical Center in Louisville, said it is important that people follow Governor Tate Reeve’s shelter in place and guidelines provided by health officials.

“By people not taking it serious, and not covering their face and not doing the general hand washing that they’re supposed to be doing, the six foot rule, the social distancing, and things of that nature we’re going to see more people infected with this,” said Krajewski. “We are trying to you know get to a point where this is not as bad as we seen it.”

For those who may wonder — what exactly can a mask do during this time?

“Basically the masks are supposed to be utilized to serve as a tool to possibly keep those who have it and don’t know it, from transmitting the virus to others,” said Krajewski.

If you are in need of a mask, Krajewski has a suggestion.

“The CDC website has a pattern where people can get on there and kind a know how to create their own masks,” she said.

In an attempt to help shed light on the importance of wearing face masks during this time, law-enforcement has also stepped in.

Starkville Police Chief Mark Ballard said his department is adding face masks and protective gloves to their patrol uniforms.

“Our officers are expected to be leaders so when CDC says and asks every American to wear a mask and protective equipment we are going to lead by example what we were asking the general public is not to be afraid or scared this is just a common protection protocol to protect the men and women in law-enforcement,” said Ballard.

To learn how you can make a mask from the comfort of your home, click here.

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