Mild week on tap after rainy Sunday

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: Cooler temperatures hang on for a day longer Sunday, before a steady climb into the 70s ensues next week. Our single rain chance for the week comes on our Sunday, bringing yet more moisture into the region. Skies will stick to being mostly clear throughout next week, with clouds making a return by the start of the weekend. 
SUNDAY: The bulk of the rain on Sunday will actually arrive late Saturday night, exiting stage right by our lunch time on Sunday. In terms of rain totals, do not expect a washout, but accumulations of up to half and inch of rain is likely across much of Northeastern Mississippi. Overcast skies mean that highs improve very little, and stick around in the high 40s. Lows will into the lower 30s overnight. 

NEXT WEEK: Afternoon temperatures will steadily improve into the low 70s by Thursday, thanks in part to mostly clear conditions early in the week. The clouds do make a comeback on Friday, but no rain is expected to accompany at the moment. Lows will also gradually improve throughout the week into the mid to high 50s by Saturday.


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