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MILLPORT, AL. (WCBI)- In a packed city council meeting, Mayor Icie Wriley laid out the reasons why she suspended Police Chief Charles White without pay for 3 days.

“Insubordination. He has deliberately not followed protocol. He was asked to do several things and he decided not to,” said Mayor Wriley.

According to the mayor, Police Chief Charles White broke the rules several times.

“The neighboring town got a new policeman from Mississippi, Officer Fowler. And he needed a few hours of training to become certified in Alabama. But the officer (White) decided on his own to invite him to Millport to patrol before he was sworn in. And really that would cause liability and we could be sued,” said Mayor Wriley.

Wriley says Officer Fowler of the Kennedy Police Department handled roadblocks in Millport, something he was not allowed to do. Another breach of protocol involved Chief White having women in his police vehicle while on duty.

We spoke to Chief White who does not deny the claims.

“Yes, I have had females in the car with me. But, that was resolved at the last council. I have used Fowler on roadblocks. She’s sat me down and told me that he couldn’t come to Millport and not even roadblock. I told her I was doing that against my wish (using Fowler) and she said well she’s the bottom line. That’s the mayor telling me that,” said Chief White.

Chief White demands justice from the city council.

“That my suspension be removed from my file and I was suspended without pay. Get my pay back and also that I won’t be micromanaged by the mayor and the town clerk. I answer to the council. I don’t answer to the town clerk for sure,” said Chief White.

We reached out to Clerk Lynette Ogden, who herself, was stopped by one of the roadblocks. She became agitated and refused to speak to us. Shortly after explaining her reasons for the suspension, Mayor Wriley ended the meeting, angering several people in the crowd.

“As our Mayor, we feel like she’s not doing what she should do and how she should do it. Like in the council meeting, she wouldn’t let people speak. There was 9 people I know for a fact tried to get on the agenda for the last 2 weeks and was told they could not be on the agenda. There was not enough room. One person spoke tonight,” said Millport resident Mary Homan.

Several residents had mixed reactions.

“I’m just shocked that a 3 day suspension has sparked negativity. I mean low and behold what would have happened if the man would have been terminated,” said Millport native Reggie Mitchell.

” The Mayor did not have the authority, according to the law to suspend him without review,” said Sonya Price.

” Millport, Alabama just went backwards 50 years. We worked so hard, I ain’t caring about race. And the way we went on tonight, we forgot about God looking at us,” said Michael Brock.

Mayor Wriley says she stands by her decision.

“I had talked to him several times. The suspension was a way of getting his attention,” said Mayor Wriley.

The City Council meets again in 2 weeks.

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  • Sonya Price

    2 things they failed to mention: 1. Chief Fowler is a Lamar County Deputy with jurisdiction all over Lamar county, to include Millport. And 2. There is a state law governing that the mayor cannot suspend the police chief without pay, without first having a hearing before the council that results in said suspension.

    The fact that she refuses to even discuss the suspension with the council now shows her defiance to follow the laws of the state of Alabama.

    The other topics she brings up were resolved under the previous mayor and have Nothing to do with this suspension. She is grasping at straws now because she knows she is in deep and can’t hang on to this. Opening her mouth like she has opens her up for further legal action. I hope his attorney was paying close attention.

  • An Interested Observer

    Sonya Price brings up very good points. Her interview can only help Chief White’s case. The citizens of Millport, both black & white, do not like being talked down to when they visit City Hall & ask valid questions. No one is above the law & I still do not understand why Ms Ogden got so bent out of shape about being stopped at a roadblock. She felt “uncomfortable?” I wonder if she would feel the same way in Tuscaloosa or Columbus? If she’d have raved on there like she did in Millport, they’d have pulled her out of that car so fast! She was not the only person stopped in that roadblock. Why shouldn’t she have been stopped?
    Ms Mayor should just sit back & allow the citizens to voice their opinions. They are not going away & whether or not she likes it, they have a right to speak. Where are the other members of the city council & why have we not heard from them?

  • Sam Walter

    That’s what you get when you let a no body that hasn’t got the first clue about running a town in office.

  • Serious question

    Why do people keep claiming this whole thing is based in racism? Can a white person not take issue with the actions of a black person without the race card coming out? That’s what “sets us back 50 years.”

  • Millport Citizen

    I’m so sick of the race card being played every time you turn around these days. Right is right and wrong is wrong! The town clerk has started something and now she can’t even speak without getting upset. She’s a rude person anyway IMO. The mayor is the clerks puppet on a string. It all stems back to her being pulled over and she wanted “justice”. Well u have rules and regulations you have to follow and they didn’t follow them!


    The Mayor never told the real reason. She never told that in 2012 the Mayor and council told Officer White they though he was doing a great job and that they were not going to allow the man to address the council again about the issue of his wife that the issue was finished. The road block had as she stated a State Trooper at it and Officer White and Fowler were there and that is a proven fact and is on record with dispatch and the officers time sheets. She made it sound as if all this happened last week instead of in past years. The council did not know until after it was said and done they were not even informed of what she was going to say at the meeting last night and when Tim Fields tried to speak he was not allowed due to her talking over him many times anyone there can see its her way or the highway its come to her talk to her she will control it all and no one else will know even if they ask or come to address the council. People of Millport remember the meets are a 6 pm and this is not over yet one more thing when Fields tried to bring up the letter the Mayor said it was null then why was stuff over a year ago null and one other thing you may want to know is Officer White has never been written up and she did not talk to anyone before she put him off for three days without pay NOW THATS FACTS WITH PROFF MAYOR WHERE IS YOUR PROFF

  • Areia

    I think you as a human being really has issues to make the statement a nobody. Anything god created is a somebody and Mrs. Wriley is a very outstanding lady and she’s doing her job. If she wasn’t anybody how is it she’s the mayor of Millport so u need to really think about what your posting because only a nobody would be able to recognize its own kind.

  • isupportthemayorandclerk

    now yall all kno that u only mad bc officer white is what else but white!!!! if the show was on the other foot yall wouldn’t b sayin nothing!! the truth is officer whit has been harassing the people of millport for to long and it need to stop! the reason he got suspended in the first place is that he was carryin women around in the police car while he was SUPPOSED to be on duty which is illegal!! also that boy from kennedy aint even been sworn in here! he shouldn’t b over here harassin the people in millport!!!! mrs icie and mrs ogden have been doin there jobs so yall needa just keep yalls mouths shut!! the fact is that if mrs ogden was WHITE she WOULDNT HAVE GOT PULLED OVER IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! so all yall redneck racists need to just GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Mimi24

    I am asking the same question. Just because you disagree with someone of another race does NOT make one a RACIEST! That comment comes out when they’ve nothing more intelligent to say.

  • Mimi24

    Learning to spell might help you make your point? And knowing what you’re speaking about may help also. At road blocks EVERYONE even if they’re purple are asked to show ID.

  • What a joke.

    First off, stay in school. Second off, they stop everybody at a road block. It’s not based on color. I know that all you can aparently see is color but this is well past the point of sad. Honestly, all you are doing is making yourself sound like the racist. Maybe if you would take two seconds to stop sounding belligerent and obnoxious then people would actually listen.

  • English

    I hope you are not as ignorant as you seem by your grammatical errors and horrible spelling “isupportthemayorandclerk”. I am sorry but “that boy” from Kennedy is an oficer of the law and should be respected as one. I bet if he walked away from someone pointing a gun at you in Millport you would try and sue because he wasn’t doing his job as a police officer. Anyone making this a race issue is ignorant too. With my opinion being stated I suggest you go to your local library and check out a dictionary they are wonderful.

  • Stupidisasstupiddoes

    The above comments show a high level of ignorance and racism against Caucasians that disgust me. And I believe calling a population “redneck racists” is an offensive phrase that should not be used in their comments. It’s as ugly and hateful as using the “n” word. Hate speech isn’t one sided.

  • Unbiased observer

    The mayor mentioned a young lady who was upset about being stopped at a roadblock in Millport. I guess it would be unsettling to a very young driver who didn’t know what to expect. Not sure who they are talking about. I thought it was the town clerk who was upset about it. ????

  • Townclerkmakingmillortlookbad

    First off she didn’t get pulled over she went through a ROADBLOCK!! everyone black white red yellow it doesn’t matter you have to stop its a LAW!!!! Ogden has been talking down to people for way to long she needs to be put out of the office .. the way she cussed the law enforcement and how she acted toward the news crew shows she has NO RESPECT for anyone.. then her making faces, rolling eyes and her hand motions was really childish and uncalled for. hope next time she is arrested for her outlandish behavior and since you isupportmayorandtownclerk wants it to be about race i wouldn’t care what color skin she has that is disrespectful to everyone and makes the town look really bad.. .

  • EbonyandIvorymakesbeautifulmusic

    Well, speaking of setting Millport back 50 years– I think you have just succeeded!! May the Lord help you all!

  • ridiculous!

    Obviously you have no clue what your talking about ms odgen would have gotten id’d whether she was black or white just like everyone else did. This issue has absolutely NOTHING to do with race but for some reason its turning into racism. This whole thing is ridiculous and makes the city of millport look horrible. Charles white has done nothing but help millport and surrounding areas. Of something happened with you or your family you better believe Charles white would be there! And for you to say chief fowler has no buisness being in millport need I say he was sworn in to patrol the whole LAMAR county area so yes that includes millport! Ya’ll are turning this into a race issue when it has NOTHING to do with race. The mayor and the clerk just want Charles white out so they can bring in someone THEY want! I agree this is actually helping Mr. Whites case! She did not have the authority to suspended him without pay and to end the council meeting without letting others speak also to cut one of the council members off when trying to ask questions she just screwed herself! And to call the people of millport a circus is really showing her character! Mr. White and Jake fowler are the best cops we could have. So you go on and support the mayor and the clerk see how far that gets you! When people stop making everything on this world a RACE issue this world will be a much better place!!!

  • liveinMillport

    This is not about race, it is about right and wrong. In a road block everyone white or black is required to show license and registration and proof of insurance or the cities that I have went through roadblocks at this is what I had to do…..The other thing is WHY is there a problem with Fowler helping in the city of Millport, she should be HAPPY that he is offering the help! And also, what was the “Mayor” thinking when she suspended the ONLY police officer the Millport had!! WHAT would have happened if something bad happened during this time? Did she have someone that was taking control during those 3 days, or did she even THINK about that??

  • Get your facts straight

    First of all everybody gets stopped in a road block. Her being black had nothing to do with it. Second of all you are very racist by the comments you just made. So u can just get over it!!!!

  • ***sigh***

    Why make this racially motivated? Its not about black nor white here, unless YOU are just hung up on his last name, which would be your personal issue you need to work through with therapy or counseling… People who don’t wish to step back years but move forward with history and life, in general, are trying to make this about the real issue where the mayor stepped out of line and suspended the chief without review and then refused to sensibly listen to the people of her town when they were trying to talk to her!!!! Wow, what a good mayor you have lol! It’s a joke from one on the outside of the town looking in to even read the racially motivated comments you have made. Why was the clerk so upset to go through a roadblock? Those who have nothing to hide would look at it as a way to protect and serve their town…. Certainly not anything to be upset over! If you aren’t breaking the law why is a roadblock a big deal? In case you missed it, the clerk of Millport is not a big celebrity to the rest of the world and she should adhere to the same standards of going through of a roadblock as any other citizen of Millport (or rest of the United States for that matter!) no matter their race! I would think before commenting on a public page one would educate themselves a little better with the facts…. Not to mention grammar….

  • idontsupporttheclerk

    first off get it right she didn’t get pulled over she went through a ROADBLOCK!!! It is the law to stop when they have a roadblock no matter what race you are. that has nothing to do with it.. she acted out of line and thinks she is above the law. she can be in alot of trouble for trying to use her being in office to get out of the roadblock.. She should respect the men and woman of law enforcement that proudly serve and protect her and everyone else. The way she acted toward the sheriff department at the meeting was out of line. as well as the way she acted when people went to open the door to let the town people in the meeting. She needs to control herself better. she has NO respect for anyone but her self. she is rude every time you talk to her on the phone . the faces she made along with all the cussing she was doing,the rolling of eyes and waving her arms at the law enforcement there last night i really hope gets her locked up next time for that. she also acted unprofessional toward the lady for WCBI as a citizen of Millport I’m sorry for the way she acted towards you. don’t let her attitude problem speak for the rest of us cause we aren’t all like her..

  • Annoyed

    There is your proof..the ones that want to throw up race is black. No doubting that since you can’t spell & speak Ebonics!

    You don’t know anything..Mr. White had a lady in his car because he didn’t want to be alone with the wandering child he found! Get your facts right before mouthing off!

    Bottom line, city clerk thought she was above the law when going through the road block. If you are being “harassed” by Mr. White, then you must be guilty of something. As long as you’re in the right, he wouldn’t “harass” you.

  • SpeechlessAtWhatComesOutOfPeoplesMouths

    Charles White has not been harassing the people of Millport…oh my goodness! And when Jake Fowler is at a road block HELPING that is not what we would call harassing either! And the letter of suspension DOES NOT state that the reason for suspension is because he was carrying women in his car. Your only hearing what you want to hear. Unstop your ears please!

    The real facts are you say “redneck racists” when actually you are racist yourself and shows in everything you said!!!! Sounds like someone else needs to get over it….Umm????

  • SpeechlessAtWhatComesOutOfPeoplesMouths

    Oh and one more thing to “isupportthemayorandclerk”. I don’t think Ms Ogden got “pulled over” she was driving through. I am a white woman and know Charles White AND Jake Fowler well and when I drive through their road blocks I PULL MY LICENSE OUT because that is what you are SUPPOSED to do!

  • Long gone millportian

    Now as far as the racism card being played in this situation (from comments made by isupportthemayorandclerk!) THE RACISM CARD IS BEING PLAYED! ANY person, white, black,Hispanic,Latino, etc, etc….that goes through a road block MUST stop!! Ms.ogden has had a attitude problem for YEARS!!! And now the people are TIRED of it and taking a stand to it!! It’s just some people don’t like the fact of being put in their right place! Many years ago when my father in law lived there she had a BAD attitude and he could not stand her, seems like nothing has changed in that situation with her attitude and now the Millport citizens want that CHANGE! I don’t blame the citizens for taking a stand for what is right! MAKE THAT STAND GET THE CURRENT LEADERS OUT, AND GET BACK TO SOME SORT OF A CIVILIZED COMMUNITY!!!!!

  • ed

    You have the gall to come here and call someone a redneck racist……”BLACK” are the most racist people in the USA….among other things we won’t talk about now.

  • drop the race card

    You need to drop the race card. Don’t know who you are, but you are pulling the race card..so who is racists? You need to search your heart if you call yourself a Christian and quit calling other people racists. And you can’t write either. You might want to take some night classes in writing.

  • Praying

    Well I for one was praying that the bank would get robbed. Maybe it would have shown a few people something…or maybe not. Better yet, the mayor’s house or the clerk’s house robbed. You know what they say, What goes around comes around..Praying that some people open their eyes and see the situation, not what color people are.

  • waterbillconspiracy

    Any Lamar County Deputy can patrol and work Millport whenever they want. Any Alabama Highway patrol Officer can work Millport whenever they choose. County and State trump City every time. Ms. Ogden needs to just put the 100+ dollar water bills in the envelopes like she is paid to do, and let Law Enforcement worry about Law Enforcement. The Mayor and Ms Ogden aren’t Law Enforcement. They apparently think they are. The Mayor in Columbus Ms has the same problem. Millport is in Lamar County. Lamar County is in Alabama. Therfore, any County or State Law Enforcement Officer has jurisdiction in Millport. Ms. Ogden simply needs to show her license and proof of insurance at every roadblock she comes to, like everyone else, and everything will be fine. If the Kennedy Officer is deputized, then the Mayor can not tell him to stay out of Millport. Why do Mayors think that they are above the Law? Why does Ms Ogden think she is above the law? Just because you over charge people for crap water doesn’t mean you are better than Charles White or Law Enforcement. Did miss Ogden go to the Police Academy? Did the Mayor? Leave Law Enforcement alone and worry about the job you are qualified to do.

  • Yep

    I agree , this issue has nothing to do with race as far as I’m concerned. I hope we all see this thru. The mayor wants it to all die down. But there’s power in numbers and as citizens of Millport we should have the right to speak at town meetings. Even if we’re white.

  • isupportthemayorandclerk

    yall all just mad cause yalls lil white boy got suspended!! what if the cop had been black?? none of yall woulda said nothing!!!! mrs icie is doing a great job and is way more qualified than any of yall could ever be so leave her alone! mrs ogden shoulda never got stopped at that road block and woulda never had a problem if she was white!!! and NO that BOY FROM KENNDY IS NOT SWORE IN HERE!!!! HE HAS NO RIGHT TO PATROL IN MILLPORT!!!!!!!! its sad how mad yall all get and you just cant take that a BLACK WOMAN is in charge!!


    Hello all concerned people of Lamar County,

    Hey guys lets not forget about the bust Mr. White made at a road block on highway 96,guess what it was the thugs that were breaking in homes and stealing!!! Who are you going to call when your house gets robbed? GHOST BUSTERS? I don’t think so, I know I would call Mr. Charles White!!!!!!!

  • Irene Bradshaw

    Have the citizens thought about having an election recall?

  • Lindasewbusy

    Have the citizens thought about have the election recalled?

  • waterbillscam

    “mrs ogden shoulda never got stopped at that road block” Seriously? What makes her any different than the rest of us? Is she Law Enforcement? No. She is a normal everyday person. Everone gets stopped at roadblocks. That’s what they are designed for. If you are not intoxicated and have your Drivers License, you are good. She is not the boss of Charles White or any Law Enforcement Official. The Mayor is not above Charles White or any Law Enforcement Official. She can be arrested like anyone else. She has no special powers. She can ask that Charles White be terminated, but it would have to be approved. She shouldn’t try to micro-manage anyone. She should figure out why the Water in Millport tastes like liquid metal, is often orange, and costs 100-120 dollars a month. That’s what the Mayor needs to worry about. Charles White can handle the drug dealing thugs, the excessive speeders, and criminals. That’s his job. He is a Law Enforcement Official. He enforces the law. The law says to stop at roadblocks. Guess what? Ms. Ogden needs to stop and not be a drama queen next time. Problem solved. Charles White doesn’t care if you are an African American or if you are a Purple Elephant…as long as you show a driver’s license and aren’t under the influence, you shouldn’t have any issues at a roadblock. Most people that get nervous at roadblocks have drugs in the vehicle or are up to something. Those of us that obey the law find roadblocks harmless. There will be more roadblocks…what will Ms Ogden do next time? Stop and turn around? Have a panic attack? Most of the people that want Charles White gone are the people that have something to hide at roadblocks. I think we need to spend more time fixing the water issue in Millport rather than trying to get our only Law Enforcement Officer fired. Let’s say you do…Let’s say Charles leaves or gets fired…guess what? His replacement will have roadblocks also. His replacement may have more roadblocks than Ms Ogden can handle.

  • Yep

    The water has gotten worse and worse since they lost Mr.Leonard. I think our water person does his best but… My own children have built their homes outside city limits because of the water bills. They can’t have swimming pools (they do now) heck we can’t even drink the stuff. But that’s a lost cause it will never change.
    I’m glad Mr White and the citizens of Millport are standing up for what’s right. Ms. Ogden is no better than any of us. And those who blame race are just redicolous !! (Mr Brock)

  • goodbye lynette and the mayor

    Sounds like the people of Millport has had enough of Lynette’s mouth and how rude she has been to the towns people for years and now with this new mayor in office; that has done nothing about it but encouraged her actions…the towns people have had enough and has put their foot down and is standing firmly. well i say- good job towns people.. Take your the town back and stand strong for justice. No one is above the law-not even the mayor.

    the council meeting that took place just goes to show the true person inside.. The mayor couldn’t even look the person she was talking to in the eye when she was speaking. She refused people to speak. But somehow only one person got to and he had a meeting that Monday morning with the mayor., (sounds like a set up to me). Plus the mayor was trying to justify her wrong doing of the suspension by bringing up things that happened with the previous mayor. (which she can not do) Both the mayor and the city clerk was rolling their eyes at everyone at that meeting. Lynette made a fool of herself; with her hand gestures and her foul language. Not to mention how she cussed out a police officer. She tried to attack the WCBI woman. and she was yelling at the towns people. The mayor also got so upset that she got up and walked out. she wouldn’t even let the chief’s attorney or the council members speak.

    To the chief of Millport: Charles White

    You are and outstanding chief. You do your job well regardless of the color of their skin. You are loved by the towns people and people not living in that town. Everyone is standing behind you and support you to the fullest. I think its outrageous how chief Fowler (Kennedy) can not assist you in anything when officer Shackelford is not available. I would like to say, for you as a chief, to not let miss Lynette or the mayor bother you or get to you. You are doing a wonderful job You are good to the people of Millport. The ones who are against you or have the problem with you, is the ones that are doing wrong themselves. It has NOTHING to do with color at all. Just keep up the good work because your towns people are behind you 100% along with others.

    thank you and have a nice day!

  • So glad I live in Fayette Co.

    Ms Ogden should have shown insurance and license to police officers of the roadblock. People of the community ought to be proud that officers outside of jurisdiction came to patrol the roadblock. All the drunk drivers out there could hurt one of it loved ones. N he is helping y’all. What if he wasn’t there n a drunk driver hit one of ur kids or other people close to ur heart? U would be upset and u would have been wishing he would’ve been there to stop them. Correct?? I thought so. So what part of her goin thru a roadblock is racist? Nothing. She just thinks tht just bc she is town clerk tht people should treat her like gold but u have to give respect to get it.

  • Tiredoftheracecardbeingplayed

    And I’m sure only black people voted for the Mayor, huh?????

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