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MILLPORT, Ala. (WCBI) – Millport’s police chief has been suspended for three days.

According to Chief Charles White, after a staff meeting on Tuesday, Millport Mayor Icie Wriley handed him a letter of suspension.

The letter stated that he was suspended for 3 days without pay for gross insubordination citing the subject as the Kennedy Police Chief.

White believes the suspension is wrongful, and he is discussing the matter with his attorney.

City Hall did not comment on the suspension.

His suspension starts today and goes through September 7.

There is a city council meeting scheduled for Monday, September 9 at 6:00 p.m.

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  • krystal

    This is just wrong. When you leave in small towns like these policeman should be able to help one another out. It has always been that way and should stay that way. And from what I have been told the Kennedy police officer was swore by lamar county to be able to help anywhere in the county.

  • Clayton

    This whole situation is a joke. Thank you for publicizing this because the residents of south lamar county need to wake up and realize what is going on. The mayor is corrupting the town of millport just for her personal gain. There is A LOT more that needs to be revealed, including her motives! Again, thank you for posting this. Keep up the great work

  • rhoda

    What did he do? Please explain. No one else has

  • Alisa Long

    We do not have the information to release at this time. As we get more solid information, we will update the story.

  • Annoyed

    He is suspended because HE broke the rules! Kennedy police chief has NOT been sworn in to patrol Millport and that IS the issue here! He will be, he just hasn’t been yet. The mayor has no personal gain. There is ALOT more to be revealed here like the truth! People have been spreading nothing but lies and I for one am tired of it!

  • Amanda

    Since he is the only official policeman in town who is watching over our little city during these 3 days of suspension? I guess the mayor can patrol the streets and her little side kick can ride shot gun. You are right Clayton it is all a joke!

  • Clayton

    But what do we know, amanda? Apparently its all lies though. But it seems to me that if you actually know every single detail of every single “incident” in which he “broke the rules”, you were either there whenever the incident happened or you are the one filling the disciplinary actions against him.

  • Cut To The Chase

    Multiple reports are that he was suspended for insubordination due to the fact that he had LUNCH with the Kennedy police chief at Pheb’s Deli during his LUNCH BREAK. NO official police business or town business was being conducted. Can you refute this report with facts instead of empty ‘ALOT more to be revealed’ comments? Exactly what rules were broken during this lunch break? I sincerely hope the lid gets blown sky high off of the blatant reverse racism that has being practiced by the mayor and the clerk for quite some time. Racism in any form is unacceptable and it’s time for it to come to an end.

  • Nathan

    Well – the Town of Millport definitely does have issues but the town clerk is not the one to decide the outcome – she is only a paid employee. Millport and Kennedy policemen have always worked together. sorry of the mayor and Clerk do not like the Kennedy policeman.

  • wondering

    wondering if this has anything to do with the Mayor’s son attending the police academy? Maybe the mayor has visions of her son becoming the “Millport Chief of Police”. Hummm. Sure makes me wonder

  • Concerned Citizen of South Lamar

    I for one think our small communities should support each other, and not let a select few keep feeding us B.S. It is my opinion that everyone that agrees or disagrees with my opinion should be at the Millport Council meeting Monday night. It is also my opinion since we are two small communities that our police officers should be allowed to help one another weather sworn in or not since the nearest back up for them may be as much as 20 miles away. If anyone would like to know, this all stems from one person being stopped at a routine road block by our state, county and our local police dept. She knows who she is. If the citizens of Millport would confront this person on this matter and others just maybe the Town of Millport would be a better place to live. It is a sad situation that they suspended the one and only law enforcement officer that Millport has and Dowdle Funeral home had to call another agency to assist in a funeral precession.

  • Timberjack

    This mess started because someone thought they were too good to go thru a roadblock.

  • Really????

    I know them. They are all employed and law enforcement is far their mind. That accusation is so not true.

  • Annoyed too

    Yes, this did all start from her thinking she was too good to go through a roadblock. This is such a joke! These men were just doing their jobs. Trying to keep drunks off the road!

  • Curious

    What kind of council, that supposedly has the best interest of the town at heart, turns down more police protection, at no cost to the tax payers. Why is a staff meeting, not involving the entire council, the place to suspend Millport’s only law enforcement office. And now, since Kennedy’s police chief is not allowed or wanted in the town(due to one citizen/employee), it appears to be open season on any and all crime. If you have met Charles White, you know he is fair to everyone. And Millport in dang lucky to have him.

  • idiots

    I’m assuming you didn’t know the mayor’s son is a teacher! Millport doesn’t pay enough for him to consider taking the job IF he was a policeman. So know your facts

  • James

    According to the law he did nothing wrong. The Mayor has over stepped her bounds and now its coming out for all to see but don’t worry Millport people are all talk they won’t do anything to help White when it comes down to the last word.

  • J

    Its because hes White…

  • Law abiding citizen

    Its because hes White

  • Surely you jest…

    Well said!! The South Lamar area is lucky and everyone should be glad to know that we have honest, upstanding guys patrolling our roads down here. They shouldn’t be punished for doing what’s right just because a couple of people are pissed off and are in a position that allows the ability to reprimand.

  • Timberjack

    Amen to that!

  • Logic

    Going through a road block isn’t typically an issue unless you have something to hide in the first place. Maybe we could lay down some separate, gold plated roads for her majesty to drive on.

  • An Interested Observer

    I find it interesting, also, that not one word of the last two city council meetings has been covered in the local paper, The West Alabama Gazette – not even a “fluff” piece saying several citizens complained about their water bills.” The Lamar Democrat had an excellent in-depth coverage piece on the last council meeting. Kudos to them for covering the REAL news in South Lamar County while expressing no opinion whatsoever. The mayor needs to reign in Ms Ogden who is costing Millport many dollars in revenue with lost events and generally giving the town a black eye in public relations. If she can’t deal with the public in a polite, courteous manner, she is in the wrong position. Ms Mayor better get a grip on this and quickly or things could turn really ugly.

  • Annoyed too

    All I know is that chief White is an exceptional policeman,and he truly is fair to everyone, we need him to keep our town safe and to keep our children safe.

  • DizzieMe

    This was started over the town clerks ego. She is hell bent on showing that she’s in charge. If anyone publicly says stuff against her they will be her target.
    It has ALWAYS been where Millport and Kennedy Police backed each other. Thankfully! But Ms Laynette is above showing her ID at a road block. How dare the Kennedy cop question her right? If enough folks show up maybe it would be different?

  • wr

    i wish they would have tried that when Richard and Golden were the police… they would have been set straight very quick….. the mayor is an elected official for the people by the people… so the people need to speak up at council meetings… call for some resignations … the people have that right… you put them in office and you can take them out… its that simple…. this business with busy body city clerks is the same in every town it seems… they think they have all this power because they control the money.. but they are so wrong..they are just an employee just like the low paid garbage truck rider… take back your town and hold a special election and get another leader

  • me

    Who is really the MAYOR ? ? ? ? ? ??

  • The Truth Will Soon Be Revealed

    I cannot wait for the truth to be revealed.chief white is doing more than you think! him having lunch with Jake has nothing to do with why he is suspended

  • 70+

    I believe everyone should be treated the same……….so 4 to 5 time a month I I am driving 40 in the 35 MPH speed zone (in he Millport city limits) and the mayor will pass me like a bat out if H— My question is can I make a citizens arrest? Can I go to Mr White and file a complaint. Why can the clerk and the mayor break the speed limit and not the citizens. I tip my hat to Mr White and Mr Fowler. PS: Love living in Millport.

  • Timberjack

    It is a fact that someone at the last meeting that was covered by The West Alabama Gazette made it clear in no uncertain terms that the reporter was not welcome there, simply because he told the truth about something in his story. Not a word was said to the Lamar Democrat reporter, even though they said even more about it in their article. The reporter felt very unwelcome. He started covering the meetings for his boss Barbara Bobo who asked him to several years ago. He was doing it out of a courtesy to his boss. He should not have had to listen to the things he was called by a certain person involved with the meeting. I am not talking about the council members or the mayor.


    If the cop was black nobody would care. If the mayor was white nobody would care. Racism is alive and well in Lamar County. Stop complaining about what’s not being done and pray for Lamar County.



  • Long Gone 2

    I think it is such a SHAME to suspend the only HONEST protection that you have in the town over a STUPID roadblock or because the other police officer were eating lunch together!!!!!! Millport needs to clean OFFICE and get some HONEST people in to run that town!!! It is so sad!!! And is it really about a road block or is it RACISM!!!!! Mr. White is a honest man doing his job and that is the FACT!!!!!!!!! I show my ID with pride and I am proud that they think of me and my family enough to keep trouble down and drunks off the road,but you cant do anything about IGNORANT OFFICIALS in OFFICE!!!!!! I SUPPORT MR. WHITE AND MR. FOWLER!!!! OUTSTANDING OFFICERS!!!!!!!!

  • 74+

    I believe everyone should fairly and equal……so I depart Millport at 7:00 each morning driving 35 to 40 MPH (in the Millport city limits) trying not to break the law, but 5 to 6 times a month the mayor will pass me like a bat out of H____. My question is can I make a citizens arrest and write her a ticket or do I need to file a complaint with Chief White. I think the mayor and clerk should abide by the same laws we citizens abide by,

  • Long Gone


  • bd

    He did nothing wrong. Some people think when they go through a license check they don’t have to show id if they work for the city or county. That person is not above the law just because they hold a public office or position!!!! In my eyes they should be kicked out of office if they think they are above giving an id or proof of insurance!

  • Ismael

    On the suspension, why did they not call officer Shackelford that has been helping them. Maybe its because he was busted for Crystal-Meth in the city of Tuscaloosa. This little town is nothing but a ticking time bomb. So keep up the good work. Give all praise to Allah. As-Salamu Alaikum my brothers and sisters.

  • DizzieMe

    She used to be a teacher

  • DizzieMe

    Officer Shackelford is NOT a good person nor good cop!!

  • ambr

    He didn’t break no rules.. all the mayor saw was us all eating together.

  • ambr

    For halls information my husband is a good cop. He never done drugs for that matter. And another thing…the ones w ho have a problem with him has been the one who has felt with him. So take your sorry ass lies and get the Hell on.Shack is a good person,cop,and husband…yall are the damn joke. Charles white did nothing wrong to get suspended. The mayor and her grimlin has been stalking my husband,Charles,and Jake everytime we are seen at phebs eating . They sit in the parking lot and don’t get out of the vehicles. Or they creep by real slow through parking lot. No one should be done like that. And no one should open there damn mouth when u don’t know the whole story.

  • ambr

    Delt with with him*

  • ambr

    And another note…my husband works part time in millport. He is the drug task force full time. So get your damn facts straight before u open ur mouth with ur small brains.

  • Disgusted

    You are exactly right! That reporter was my Dad and the things that Lynette called him and said to him were very much uncalled for! If the situation had been reversed, and he would have told her the truth…that she doesn’t know her job….or called her the equivalent to what she called him for a black person, we would still be hearing about the “racism” in Millport.

    And as for all this crap about the road block that she got so upset about…..big freaking deal! My husband is a police officer, and part of their job is to set up road blocks to protect the people in their town. If she doesn’t like it, then she needs to get out of the town…..I think everyone would appreciate that VERY much!

  • Well said…

    Amen! The truth hasn’t come out yet. Only thing people know is what he is going around saying…

  • Mimi24

    Our small towns need each other. Why would anyone with any brain at not want the police to back each other? Oh wait. I know that answer, it’s those who are above following rules or laws.

  • ambr

    Wow . .. seems like they are digging deeper and deeper for theirselves.

  • shaun

    I know many people in town are fairly upset due to 1 to 200 dollar water bills. With this being said the tenision is high in millport and the residents arr begining to become very upset with the things in this town. My issue is if all aligations are wrong and no one knows what happened…. There is an issue with that as it is a public office and all files are considered public? So why was this not published to defend themseleves especially with news reporters chasing the story. I send a special note out to all residents from the town of millport please attend the town meeting Monday and support are local law as he has some items we do not agree with but he is still the law. And ws far as the police officer in Kennedy the town of Millport has known him all his life and is more welcome than here actually more than the city personnel in millport.

  • Concerned Citizen

    First, my family called on Police Officer While last year with a potential criminal matter well before the new Mayor came on the scene. To this day, we have yet to hear from Office White.

    Second, it has been reported that Officer White is just a rude to the citizens who expect and ask him to do his job.

    Third, it is known that he is a womanizer, and is having an affair with one or two local women. One of the husbands have made constant reports to the former Mayor Fields and current Mayor. The former Mayor did nothing!

    Last, he uses the police car for personal gain (to ride his women and friends around) on the town’s budget and money.

    Now, who’s being unfair? Sounds like the Mayor is doing her Job!

  • Clayton

    I feel compelled to ask, what are the qualifications of being the mayor? I always thought that an educated person that had enough sense to tell right from wrong would be well qualified for that position. Boy was i wrong!!! It must say on the mayor docket that you must only see one color of race and dispute that the others are of significantly lesser value. I honestly believe that you could take a legally retarded person, place them in the office of mayor, and they will do a better job then the mayor would before the mayor had time to wipe her ass.

  • dean

    as far as I know, neither Charles White or Jake Fowler have said a word about what is going on! They are professionals and are keeping their mouths shut. Personally I hope they let their lawyers do the talking and then we’ll see how big the mayor and her minion talk!!

  • cathy

    Wow!!!! This is truly sad….We shall over come!!!!! Let’s not forget Mayor Riley is qualified for the job, probably over qualified. Lanette has been the clerk for a number of years and long as I can remember. What is the real problem here could it be that a few of you feel like they are out of their place. Talk about racism you all might as well call them uppidity. Change is hard for people that have run the town for so long. I am almost certain that Mayor Riley have all her ducks in a row on this situation. You all complain on here about just irrelevant stuff about the Mayor speeding or Lanette not liking a road block . This is why your little town will remain little, because of small minded people like you guys. There has been little progress in this town and you all like it like this..smh For years power was only shared with a fortunate few and you talk about racism….So I say get the hell over it, people like you guys are getting less and less so try catching up to the new world. The Sheriff will survive the three day suspension he will still be sheriff. May you all find some peace in your small world of a fortunate few. How dare you call this racist…THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY BEFORE YOU SAY IT, NOW WHO IS TRULY THE RACIST? You all have to be Faux News Fans..lol

  • ambr

    This mayor didn’t even know where the green light was in a stop light. And there was no votes bc no one voted against her but you bet your butt someone will next time or sooner than that. All that town needs is 20 people to sign a paper for revote and get someone to run against her and it will bdone. And tthere is nothing else to the suspension for your information. Everyone that has said something about it is truth. The suspension is because the mayor saw the chief of Kennedy eating at phebs ,which is in millport. She done had it b known prior to this that kenndy chief not b patrolling in millport or assisting in millport.. and he wasn’t ,..all he was doing was eating his food.So what? Now the man cant eat? Pathetic! !!! So if my husband isn’t working and Charles is shot and need back up…..he cant call the closest office(kenndey) bc he not welcomed by the mayor. ??? BS

  • ambr

    People that got something bad to say about these good cops/people…that do their jobs are bad insecure, for one . Two- if you wasnt insecure- u wouldn’t b hiding behind a keyboard with a fake name… Three… The ones who got something to say is the ones who are doing wrong in first place. I am ambr shackelford and I am married to Michael shackelford and I was there at phebs eating with my husband when they was being stalked.

  • Praying for the town…

    First of all get your facts straight. The mayor is highly educated. She probably has more degrees than you both put together. This is pure ignorance. The suspension has nothing to do with lunch and everything to do with Charles breaking the rules. Nothing against Jake..he’s a good guy he just has not been sworn in YET which means if he stops someone that person can legally sue the town because he is not a sworn in officer of that town. This is common sense and it’s absurd that this has turned into a race issue. She has taught all races for over 30 yrs. But the truth will come out soon.

  • ambr

    🙂 the mayor and her sec does a lot to break and bend rules/law. And they think just bc she is the mayor and sec stay up her butt all time that it is fine to do. It’s not. And I believe Monday night is going to b a good night. The mayor has been refusing people to speak on Charles behalf bc she don’t want the council to hear what they got to say. It’s an open meeting and never once did anyone have to have a meeting with the mayor to see if it was “good enough” to b on the agenda. So she refused and they coming anyway. With copies of what needs to b said. The council will know what’s going on.

  • ambr

    It wasn’t the council. The council had nothing to do with this. Mayor did this all by herself.

  • ambr

    There was no vote for this mayor. Bc no one was running at the time. So no…the people didn’t vote her in.

  • 50 in the house

    If you are a family member making comments on this issue you need to stop. You are not helping the situation. Let the truth come out in the proper way and the citizens will back the truth. I just recently met the Chief from Millport and he seemed like a good, honest, professional Chief. I use to work with the Chief from Kennedy and I know he is a good and honest guy. Good luck Chief White. You have support from across the State Line.

  • cindy

    Face it!! This town has been corrupt for a long time, Lanette Ogden is a rude unprofessional person. She should show drivers license, registration and proof of insurance like everyone else!! What’s she got to hide? Does she know police officers get to eat lunch? Gross insubordination citing the subject as the Kennedy Police Chief. Lanette did you send Richard Vernon a suspension when he rolled wirh Golden? And exactly what is Ms, Ogdens power position at City Hall? The mayor, no one ran against her. Easy to win that way. Resignations should be demanded. I encourage everyone to show up Monday 6pm, Millport Town hall, find out for yourself what’s really going on. Racism and favoritism is alive in Millport Al. city hall. Lanette Ogden and the mayor may have opened a can of worms that may regret have opened, And what’s up with this outrageous water bills. The a/c in city hall is left on all weekend and evenings, and a sprinkler was broke and water ran down the street for 4 days before they decided to fix it. Millport has many issues, This is our town!! Let’s take it back!!!

  • cat

    Man you all need to get a life and get God in it life is to short for all this stuff that is going on, This black and white stuff needs to stop…We are all the same white or black…Millport is to small for all that( GROW UP PEOPLE)!!!


    if thats all its about then why is stuff from past years being brought up?? He is talked about for doing his job and i for one am tired of it!!!

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