Miracles Amid Louisville Tornado

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — As the recovery from Monday’s storm continues, the bodies of victims are still being found. But with every tragedy comes little heart-warming miracles.

As the death toll climbs in Louisville, bits of joy could be found in the midst of despair.

Louisville resident Felisha Mitchell, along with friends from work, had another job Tuesday that included picking up clothing scattered about where her three-bedroom home once stood.

“I told them as long as I can find my glasses, I’m okay. I just want my glasses so I can see. I’m living off one contact,” said Felisha Mitchell, storm victim.

If the bank worker, seen retrieving her husband’s old ring, was home when the E-F-4 tornado ripped through town Monday afternoon, the situation would have turned out differently for her and her family in the Center Ridge neighborhood

We was at work and I’m glad. We was at work … those are my coworkers. We was at work hiding in the vault. My kids were at my mother-in-law’s home. I’m glad we didn’t get to go home early cause if we was, me and my kids would have been here,” said Mitchell.

That was close, but about a mile away in the Fair Quarter Community, a woman is dead. As a matter of fact in two hours Tuesday morning, three victims are found among the torn homes.

“I’m feeling devastated. Mrs. Dora was a very sweet lady. We shared a grand baby. My granddaughter is her great-granddaughter and I’m just devastated. It’s hard to believe,” said Louisville resident Laura Holman.

“It wasn’t affected by me, but it went over where I live and it actually skipped my house,” said Louisville resident Kanyatta Brown.

On Eiland Avenue, a day care center is destroyed but not before an infant and a toddler are snatched from the rubble to safety.

“They were in the bathroom in the tub and when the house shifted, the tub went up and the caregiver lost the baby out of the arms. And when everything stopped, he found the baby and he just figured out that the others were okay. And he left walking with the baby after he found it to try to get to the doctor. Two babies still alive caregiver still alive. God is good,” said daycare provider Deborah Holmes

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