Chickasaw County communities experience high floodwaters

NORTHEAST, Miss. (WCBI)-While most in the viewing area did not see much damage from wind Saturday, many communities are dealing with a soggy mess from flash flooding.

High water shut down roads and even rushed into homes.

Oktibbeha, Lowndes, and Chickasaw counties all saw their share of flooding Saturday.

Rising water is always is a problem for some communities when we get a lot of rain at one time, and it’s happened a lot recently.

Chickasaw County EMA director Linda Griffin said there are specific areas her department keeps an eye on when the heavy rain comes.

“We have people stationed all over the county that keep watch on the roads and there are those certain ones that are gonna flood the flash flood we call,” said Griffin.

Griffin said they put safety first and immediately take precautions when the water starts to rise.

“In the meantime, we try to if needed we’ll shut that road off either with barriers or emergency vehicles temporarily until the floodwaters go back down and make it safe to cross again,” said Griffin.

Griffin said when it comes to putting out barricades, timing is everything.

“For one thing you can’t see exactly how deep the water is and with the racing water you don’t know if the roadway under that water has been compromised and it may just give away you don’t really know what you’re driving on if it’s a stable structure or not,” said Griffin.

Though most of this round of high water has gone down, Griffin knows it will happen again and she wants people in Chickasaws County and other areas to remember one critical rule.

“I mean we preach turn around don’t drown, but I still don’t think people realize the danger of racing water,” said Griffin.

If you live in an area that has been affected by flooding, drive cautiously– especailly during the overnight hours where water could be covering roadways and may not be visible.

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