New reports shows Mississippi has fewer residents getting behind the wheel drunk

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – It happens everyday.

A driver has too much to drink, gets behind the wheel and often causes an accident, injuring or killing others on the road.

But recent studies show that fewer Mississippi drivers are drinking and driving.

State trooper SGT. Derrick Beckom has seen his share of accidents.

That’s why he said the Mississippi Highway Patrol puts safety first.

“We continue to work hard every day, people inside this organization, understand that we’re short-handed, but still we were going to take care of enforcement trying to maintain the safety on the highways for our public,” said Beckom.

Their efforts are paying off.

A study published on shows Mississippi was ranked fourth in the largest decrease of lives lost to DUI’S by a stunning 50.99%.

Beckom said that they work hard to keep improving these numbers and knowing their efforts are paying off is very fulfilling.

“Well, it’s a great reward because that’s what we want to do. Our importance is it is the safety of our citizens. So to see the numbers, you know, drop for us its a pat on the back within itself. And I also have to commend the public on doing things differently and making better choices as well,” said Beckom.

The job is not done yet.

Beckom said they continue to educate drivers and prevent deadly accidents.

He hopes to have even fewer DUI crashes in the future.

“We’re going to continue to patrol I mean again, even though we may be short-handed, that’s not going to stop our efforts. You know, we have to work those extra hours or extra details to assure the safety of the citizens of this state then that’s what we’ll do,” said Beckom.

Beckom said continued education encourages people to have a designated driver or take an Uber or taxis instead of driving.

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